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TMG - Beets and Coronary Artery Disease

Updated on January 7, 2014

TMG - Trimethylglycine

Betain or Trimethylglycine (TMG) a methyl donor involved with S-adenosylmethionine SAMe liver and detoxification

Eat Your Beets. Why? You need the TMG that is in them.

TMG is a crucial part of the vitamin support "crew" that works to expedite proper cellular function. It's all just part of what would be "normal" nutrition, if you received the TMG through a food source, such as beets, or spinach. But, some of us must use supplements to help boost levels of critical elements... supplements like TMG. Trimethylglycine.

Methyl donors, such as TMG, carry and donate methyl molecules in cellular functions that facilitate biological processes that you would want... "facilitated". If you read about, and know about SAMe, you'd like to boost your natural levels of SAMe, Right? In fact, I will bet you were just saying to yourself over breakfast this morning. "Gosh, if there was ONLY A WAY, to boost my SAMe-levels, I would do it..." Eat your beets. It'll help with more than just the SAMe.

I realize there are far more important topics dominating your mind, like... last nights video-game score, football score, or your AVON group-attendance, your childs common-core-score, taking the garbage out, or the fact that you FORGOT the DOG at the groomer again, and Fluffy your teacup-maltese is SITTING there now, this that darkened Pet-Spa. And, Daddy- Fluffy is gonna leave you a "gift" in your favorite hat, the one laying on the floor of your closet, as punishment...

But- you must eat your beets. Or, maybe take a little TMG once in a while, if you cannot eat beets. It may possibly even help with memory, or clarify your thinking a bit, since TMG is closely related to choline levels. And choline is critical to brain function, and critical to the energy behind brain and body function. It should increase your muscle density and strength as well. Farmers use it to make their pigs more lean / less fatty. It raises "carcass mass" on beef cattle. So if it's good enough for the farmers? I will use it. ... And America had an older tradition a few years ago, saying "beets were good for you". It sounded anecdotal, but that doesn't mean it's not true.

So, get TMG into you, by vitamin or by beets, or spinach, you may wish to accompany the TMG with a little more B-12.

People often say, "Take your B-Vitamins... helps boost your energies, both mental AND physical". Did you ever ask yourself WHY the "B-vitamins boost energy"?


Why was Pop-Eye so strong? His WWII Spinach has lots of TMG

Why was Pop-Eye so strong?  What's SPINACH got to do with it?  I DO wonder why beets-posters were not printed for Peace Time-
Why was Pop-Eye so strong? What's SPINACH got to do with it? I DO wonder why beets-posters were not printed for Peace Time-

If your government is SO "concerned" for your health... Why print posters with Healthy Food slogans during Wartime?

Because nutritionally PREVENTING health problems is NOT the way the medical business in America has evolved. Plain and simple. In other words, it is not their area of specialty. They don't "do" vitamins. And that It is largely WHY (despite directly observed medicinal benefits of vitamins or herbals) -there are nothing except dis-claimers for vitamins.

It is not proven, in accordance with current medical or business standards, and must be dis-claimed to protect business,

And you are simply a nut, if you try to claim vitamins and eating / exercising correctly, can actually REVERSE, areterial-sclerotic-plaque.

But, it HAS, in fact often been field-tested a great, great deal. In combination with tremendous anecdotal testimony. And by the way, the power of suggestion, and a persons mind-set, is extremely important also. The power of the human MIND is important to this. If a person BELIEVES, they will get better, they often do. So if a crushed dried leaf from some guys back yard, "does it" for somebody? Or if merely the suggestion of "this will cure you" does it?... FANTASTIC.

My point is simply, that some people may argue that vitamins are NOT all that important, possibly even detrimental in some cases... But...

The EXACT same thing is happening with Western doctors prescribing POISONS to people, Why do I say "Poison"? Well, some pharma-drugs are quite toxic actually. I, myself was a big user of Tylenol for a while. Acetaminophen ... yah... "Good Stuff" ... Right? if the patient completely trusts (and BELIEVES) the authority figure handing a "cure" to them. They often "get better", or the drug "works" for them. "Here, take THIS antibiotic for your cough, it'll take care of you, strengthen you, and protect you. Trust me, I am a doctor..."

Hypnosis ALONE, often can cure people, of an ailment.

If your MIND is programmed badly, it is STILL an "ailment", and if the "cure" is a counter-"bad-program" which is also "fake"... that actually has a sort of NATURAL BALANCE To it. Don't you think? If someone suffers from arthritic pain, and the power of suggestion alleviates that pain. WONDERFUL. Especially if they can, at the very least function better in life, or even possibly HEAL themselves through "suggestion". It's still a solution to a problem.

It's too bad all our American doctors could not simply work with all the tools at their disposal with out worry of losing their licenses, if they were to INSIST on an "alternative" therapy, and it worked 8 or 9 times out of 10. They'd honestly USE a lot of alternative therapies and experiment more. Or, at least some of them would.

But, the federal government should WORK REALLY-Really hard to drive health-slogans down the public's throat, when it is most vital to them, In Peacetime. Why NOT at a time when it would make "We The People" LOVE the society we are in? When the society we are in would make them HEALTHIER, Stronger, more independent and capable in a holistic and synergistic relationship... Why is it, in fact, that the government or commercial agencies seem to take the EXACT OPPOSITE stance on vitamins, anytime now in 2014? Why so coy about nutrition and vitamins? Why must there be such an emphasis on a "liability" associated with saying something that is not clinically, or exhaustively proven? (Yet many pharmaceuticals OBVIOUSLY and in CLINICAL TESTING, have clinically proven negative side effects which are de-emphasized?)

Because it is BUSINESS. And in an effort to sound certain in their areas of "expertise", there is one specific way and one way ONLY that a modern doctor can practice, whilst giving themselves maximum protection from someones attacking his business with malpractice suits. ... So... they tend to not prescribe vitamins / herbs / snake-oils / witch-doctors, as a "viable-solution".

Why? Well, I would say it's because various medical business/companies are -increasingly- out of touch, with people, and less truly empathetic. Or, they literally cannot AFFORD to be empathetic. That is why. It's business, and limited by laws and standards as established in the industry. And "our" industry does not "do" vitamins. They ARE very "busy" working in the ways they have evolved, thus far.

Empathy is not usually a corporate imperative. Nor does it drive their financial "bottom-line". Usually.

I do tend to get a tad insouciant, regarding the "Parent" and "Child" relationship "We The People" tend to have with these "smarter" agencies.. Seriously though, one thing I do hear people say to me regarding vitamins is this. " I do not LIKE taking pills, I now have SO MANY vitamins to take here, and I do not like PILLS. "

If you are an "average person", and you grow old in an "average persons way". You WILL indeed end up taking a great many pills. From what I have personally observed, I think you will be lucky if you have only 5 or 6 bottles of prescriptions from your doctor. This is for a HEALTHY but older person. Between blood-pressure, diabetes, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and arthritis. That is EASILY going to be a minimum of one or even three!!! differing prescriptions per-condition! I have been inside many many peoples homes, and I have seen individuals with as many as 20 or 40 !!! different pill bottles on a table, where they go, and religiously take various pharma-drugs... just to get through ONE DAY of their aging lives.

To contrast this. A "vitamin person" will end up giving you many vitamins (in bottles) as suggestions to take, So, you must look at it this way, vitamins are usually FOOD DERIVATIVES. In order to obtain that particular vitamin, you'd have to EAT... that particular food. And if you cannot eat that food, the vitamin or pill-form is easier to handle, and usually cheaper, per-day, than the food. So, IF you talk to a person who is HEAVILY into natural supplementation, herbals, and vitamins... that person will ALSO, give you lots and lots of bottles to buy, or different foods they strenuously exhort you to eat, regularly. And sometimes the easiest way to obtain traces of these vitally and naturally available food-derivatives is from a bottle of vitamins.

So it ends up being kind of the same thing, as the pharmaceutical situation that geriatric cases are compelled to live with after seeing their G.P.M.D. or Specialist.

If I, ( StvRich ) tell YOU, that taking Magnesium will in fact, ABSOLUTELY lower your blood-pressure. And that I have personally TESTED it on myself, monitoring my own blood pressure... Then, If I tell you of foods, and other supplements that tend to support the lowering of blood pressure... even telling you I have lowered my blood pressure to the point I was DIZZY and backed it off...

Would you BELIEVE Me? Because I have.

And I...? Am NOT "alone" in this kind of experience.

I just find it humorous during wartime the government will tell us "Beets are Good for ya... " But during peacetime, it is less an institutional imperative. If "vitamins" and good foods are WONDERFUL for soldiers during wartimes? It is even more wonderful for YOU, in peacetime. Here we are, in 2014, many decades later, when we supposedly understand nature better now-today (and we DO... ) The government and medical agencies are suddenly a bit squeemish on the whole "vitamin" topic?

IF I extoll the virtues of vitamins publicly, am I just a rebel? Probably, as far as the AMA is concerned I'm probably The Devil for saying such things. I'll hurt the Dow-Ratings of the various pharma-kings if I make us all healthy with good food and vitamins. It's the work of Satan, I am sure...

if Vitamin B-12 equals Energy, WHY?

You may wish to accompany the TMG with a little more B-12.

B-12 is often associated with an "energy boost". I've heard of the infamous "vitamin B-12 injection". The reason it's a vitamin that increases your Energy (Strength) is that B-12 facilitates the function of TMG in energy mobilization. So does folate. Most of us have heard of the B-12 half of that reaction. But, TMG requires B-12, to do it's job.

WARNING: Poly-syllabic words follow :WARNING: Geek-Stuff


I will include some of this just to introduce the nomenclature ("labels") associated with the chemistry of this vitamin. And as introduction to some cellular processes it's related to. Later, I imagine I will write some on the topics of cellular respiration and energy. Cellular-organelles, respiration, and mitchondria- their involvement with cellular energy, and energy storage and movement.

Trimethylglycine is what is referred to as a N-Trimethylated amino acid existing at neutral pH as a member of the zwitterion chemical-family. Strong acids will turn it to a salt, such as, betaine hydrochloride. In biological processes (cellular metabolism) TMG is de-methylated, yielding di-methylglycine, along with trimethylamine (from "tri" to "di" meaning "two"). Also as it happens, trimethylamine, would be very very stinky... it's the scent of fish-tissue putrefying. A horrid odor, when present as a chemical in abundance and alone with no mitigating factors.

Beets are an important dietary source of TMG so is Spinnach

I LOVE greens.  I absolutely LOVE creamed spinnach... The way to a Mans Heart, FOOD!  It happens to be Good for His Heart (or HER heart) in more ways than one.
I LOVE greens. I absolutely LOVE creamed spinnach... The way to a Mans Heart, FOOD! It happens to be Good for His Heart (or HER heart) in more ways than one.

TMG is important to methylation, the process revolving around methyl-group donations. It's an important co-factor, which is a fancy word for VITAMIN. Biochemists can't just call it a "vitamin", so it's a "co-factor in a chemical process". The chemical symbol for a "methyl" is CH3 - that is the official appearance of the "methyl", with the numerical subscript. In basic chemical nomenclature.

Pictorial of artery plaque build-up

Homocysteine and coronary disease, TMG involvement

High levels of homocysteine has been linked to cardiovascular disease.

A high level of homocysteine makes a person more prone to endothelial injury, which is just a very fancy way of saying "interior tissue-damage". Such as the tissue breakdown and scarring of arteries. This "scarring" opens the door to arterial plaque buildup, or "hardening of the arteries". And believe me, the arteries ARE truly "hardened". When animal (or human) cadavers are opened, and the "hardened" arteries are cut. There is a "popping" noise, like that of cutting a brittle or toughened thing.

Healthy arteries do NOT "pop" when cut. The tissue is soft and pliable, even in death, if the arteries were healthy.

How does a biochemist refer to hardening of the arteries? As follows: Presence of high levels of homocysteine leads to vascular inflammation, which may in turn lead to ischemic injury and is a risk factor which leads to occlusion of the lumina of the coronary arteries.

Nice. It's easier to say the blood vessels get a bit stressed, aged, mildly torn, or worn, they don't repair properly and are mildly inflamed, THEN... fat, dissolved in your blood begins to stick to the "raw" and "unhealed parts" of your arteries. After that fat ages a bit, it hardens into place, and becomes a spot where even MORE fat, will stick. Soon, a large percentage of the interior diameter of the blood vessel or artery may be plugged. That would not be good.

Most doctors deal with this by telling you to REDUCE THE AMOUNT OF FATS in your blood. This is done through thinning blood and reducing fats in a combination of dietary limitation and pharmaceuticals that (by brute force) reduce the fats in your blood. It's too bad you need fat to be healthy. Also too bad that fats taste very good and are Highly Enjoyable. ... so we do take pharmaceuticles and reduce our dietary intake of fats... But that does not CURE, the structural problem INSIDE the blood vessel. Fortunately BLOOD THINNERS will extend your arterial life by increasing the amount of flow through your ever-narrowing arteries.

I'm no doctor... but I would imagine that an ACTUAL CURE FOR HARDENING ARTERIES may have something more to do with tissue growth, and it's support. And also supporting other processes that reduce inflammation within tissues, speeds healing processes... and you'd probably want to look into things that may.... MAY help with your body wishing to dissolve and use those cemented-fatty deposits you are collecting within your blood vessels.

I'd suggest looking at ... Collagen supporting co-factors. STUFF LIKE THAT.

But what do I know? I just like to lift heavy things. Upper body strength and all that garbage. Yeah, dumb muscle-head type guy... I'd rather eat Plavix than Vitamin C.... Right? Gosh, if there were only people who would study Vitamin C. Hmm.

If the arteries feeding your heart (or any other part of your body) gets plugged with fat buildup. Mind you, fat in your diet, is actually NOT a bad thing, believe it or not. It's not. Your body actually NEEDS and desires fats. As far as that goes, I believe we should be able to eat nearly anything (within reason) and we should not be self-destructing over food. Something like arterial hardening? Is a malfunction. Something in our self-maintenance has stopped operating as it did when we were younger. Or, maybe it just slowed down. In men, cholesterol is an absolutely vital precursor to the making of testosterone! It is, in fact, a key element. No cholesterol? No testosterone... THINK about that a while, and I will return to that, later.

I do wonder if there is any relation between a lowering level of testosterone, and the occurrence of some of these "bad" symptoms. And I also wonder what part the pharmaceutical reduction of blood-plasma cholesterol plays in possibly aggravating the reduction of testosterone within a body already experiencing a general reduction of the youthful levels of testosterone?

Or is that too naïve and simply logical?

Perhaps we should do a 10 year study test these various hypothesis, re: hormones, vitamins etc? NOBODY would willingly "guinea-pig" themselves, shove needles of all kinds of "stuff" into themselves, take tons of vitamins, supplements, herbs, and eat good food in an effort to test these theory's. Would they? For TEN WHOLE YEARS?

Or even run the tests for DECADES... No! "NOBODY" would do that type of thing. So I guess "nobody" has done that kind of "testing".


I'll ask "around", maybe "SOMEBODY" ... has.

Testosterone happens to be a POWERFUL anti-inflammatory also. One of THE most powerful. Hmm. We are running into a situation where our arteries are becoming DAMAGED (as we age). We must repair them via proper nutrition and supplementation, and we must also reduce inflammation within endothelial tissues ... Hmm... I've NEVER HEARD OF THINGS TO HANDLE THIS COMBINATION OF ISSUES ...

...and Heal Them. I KNOW !!! ... PLAVIX !!! No, no... that won't HEAL the blood vessels.

We SHOULD be more concerned with, WHY our dietary fats do buildup on arteries. And then, how do you prevent that condition? You see. The conventional and western-medicine approach is to simply lower your blood-plasma levels of cholesterol, in the attempt to lessen, the fat buildup.

That's sorta BACKWARDS.

It's a response that simply is reducing the source of building materials for the symptom. It's not actually CURING the arteries ... at all. It merely reduces the building materials for arterial plaque. And by the way?

it does not STOP hardening of the arteries. Might slow it. But at the price of impeding other health-related functions? Maybe?

Anyway... Hyperhomocysteinemia seems also to be directly related to the creation of blood clots, heart attacks and stokes. Homocysteine can, as well, trigger miscarriage and preclampsia, or even birth defects. (I may search for the direct references and attach later).

SAMe deserves it's own article, but is mentioned in this one

TMG is critical in the methylation processes that donate to the synthesis of neurotransmitters: dopamine and serotonin. It is also vital to the creation of bodily melatonin and is part of the electron-transport chain (a chemical process) of Co-Q10.

Now you are probably seeing why that goofy looking Pop-Eye is so darned strong and fast.


Trimethylglycine is directly involved in the re-methylation of homocysteine. In other words, it turns it into something NOT-homocysteine, and B-12 helps TMG in this process. There are two differing chemical pathways within the animal cell that re-methylates homocysteine. One involves vitamin B-12, the other one is folate-based.

You've been hearing references to these vitamins and their relevance to heart health and energy, right? Well... Just eat your beets. Or take a little TMG, found as a vitamin in vitamin stores or online.

TMG and muscle

Factory farms supplement fodder with TMG and Lysine to increase livestocks muscle mass, which is known as "carcass yield" in the meat industry. TMG decreases the amount of "adipose tissue" ( we call it "Fat" ) in pigs. "Research in human subjects has shown NO EFFECT on body weight, body composition, or resting energy expenditure... "

RRrrrrrrrright... well. If it's good enough for the guys who want to make money from bigger cattle. I will take it on good faith, that it will help grow muscle mass. I TOLD you... the AMA is busy covering their butts and protecting their investments in pharma.

So, if I were to run an ad-campaign, for TMG, it would go something like this...

" There is a critical and neglected biological-function at the cellular level CLOSER TO YOU, than you think! So... have a Heart... (or just protect the Heart of a Loved-One). Pick up the phone, order some TMG... donate to the methyl-group nearest you... Today. "

Vitamins are BAD for ya.

They are, in fact... from SATAN. I am POSITIVE on that one! So be "bad", take vitamins, and go lift something heavy. See You around the gym.

WARNING: Vitamins may be tempting, and "Of The Devil"


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