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Before Talk 'N Share

Updated on August 11, 2012

Learning About Phytonutrients

I struggled with my weight- followed Doctor's advice that never really worked- tried diet drinks that REALLY didn't work- and finally heard about a diet some of my friends were raving about- 'Dr. Atkins Diet Revolution'. I bought and read the book, then followed the instructions. It worked well for me, but was very hard to do because of family and other peer pressure, along with the fact there were no special foods we could buy to help with this new diet- I wished there were and eventually got my wish and by now there are many choices, but because of other things I've now learned, I do not buy those products any longer and my health is better for it. In the early '90's, I discovered that we could eat every fruit and vegetable in the grocery store and still get sick. Why? They were not sun-ripened and it is during that period of time the phyto-nutrients are put into the foods in order to keep us healthy- yes, an apple a day keeps the Doctor away, but only if it was sun-ripened! Because of the need for sun-ripened foods and their scarcity, companies began to supply us with supplements made from sun-ripened fruits and vegetables. So from the early '90's to this very day, my husband and I have kept well- no colds, flu, diabetes, cancer- all the big bad bugs are not a threat to us. Today there are many companies that claim to supply these important nutrients, but if you take them and still get colds, flu, and other things, you need to change your brand. Here's to your awesome, great, fantastic health!

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