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Beginners Guide To Bodybuilding

Updated on March 15, 2016

The Basic Rules

Nowadays, very young people are started going to gym to become a bodybuilder. But with the lack of proper nutritional and workout plan, they are failing to reach on their goal. There are few basics everyone should follow. There are some accurate diet and workout program for everybody. Sometimes, all the diet and workout programs don't work perfectly for everyone. So, depending on their body type and structure, diet and workout plan varies from one person to another.

However, there are some simple and basic rules which can be followed by everyone out there. These key rules are applicable for anyone who is planning or trying to do bodybuilding. So, today, I will talk about those simple bodybuilding tips for beginners. You can call it a beginners bodybuilding guide.

So, let’s start here.

Do Not Avoid Free Weights

In modern days, there are many workout machines or equipment are being made by many companies all over the world. Those fancy machines are being used for a different workout and work for different body parts. Most of the people are getting obsessed with those hi-tech machines over time. But this is not the right approach. Try to use free weights other than machines. Dumbbells and barbells are more effective in the solid muscle mass building. So, stick to those free weights in your gym. It’s very useful. Trust me!


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Compound Moves are Necessary

Compound workout or movement means, the movements which work for 2 or more muscle part. Squat, deadlift, barbell bench press are few of those major compound exercises. Do not miss these workout at all. Especially squat is the king of all workouts. The squat can help you building more muscle mass because, squat releases natural testosterones on your body which ignites your muscle building process.


Get a Suitable Program

There are various workout programs are available on the internet. But you better contact with any good and knowledgeable trainer who can perfectly suggest you a workout routine with a diet plan which will suit your body perfectly. Because, a good trainer will understand what your body type is and what workout will suit you better. You can also follow some trainers specially modified program which can be available online as well. But, make sure that those trainers are renowned and known worldwide. Because, only the trainers will be able to invent such workout program which will match with everyone.

Don’t Train Every Single Day

Sometimes, you might get confused while looking for a fast result. So, in this circumstances, I will personally advise you not to rush and panic. Because, some guys use to go to the gym every single day just to get their desired result faster. This is absolutely wrong. Give your body enough rest to get recovered. Remember, your body will grow only if you give it a good rest. Hit each muscle part once or twice in a week. Over training will stop your muscle growth. Because, anything which is out of limit, is not good.

Get Your Forms Right

Don’t do your exercise like a nuts or crazy. Be smart at the gym and do your workout correctly. There are many nuts in every gym who wants to show others, they can lift heavy. But they actually do the whole exercise in a wrong way. The disproportioned form can cause injury and even can stop muscle growth. So, don’t do that. Correct your form first. Don’t jump or shake your body while lifting so that everyone thinks that you are lifting your weight and an earthquake has just hit the ground!

Be Careful and Cautious

Use weight lifting straps and belts to avoid any major injuries. Use 4-6 inches wider belt when you are up for squat and deadlift, use knee strap when you do squat and leg press, use elbow strap for heavy lifting.

Others essential factors

Eat Protein

Protein is the key nutrients for muscle building. So, eat as many proteins as possible. Don’t wholly depend on protein supplements. Try to eat protein rich foods like egg, milk, beef, chicken, peanuts etc.

Avoid Junk Food and Eat Vegetables

Try to ignore all the fried and processed food or junk foods. Eat a lot of vegetables. Because, green vegetables are a good source of fiber and vitamins. Your body needs fiber for building strong muscles.


Give your body enough rest to recover. Sleep at least 7 hours a day. Your muscle will only grow when you sleep.

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