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Being Overweight Isn't Just A Health Issue

Updated on September 20, 2011

Being overweight is not healthy. It is also very inconvenient. I gave away two chairs that came with my RV because they wouldn’t hold my weight. I sat on one and it collapsed. There was no use in sitting in the other one and breaking it too. I haven’t been on the roof of my RV yet, either. Can’t climb the ladder. It’s not that I can’t climb the ladder rather the ladder wasn’t designed to hold someone that weighs as much as I do. It says so on a label affixed to the ladder right at eye level. Max. weight allowance is 225 pounds. I’ve lost a lot but still weigh forty pounds too much to climb the ladder.

Store bought ladders are rated for duty type. Total weight of the person using the ladder, clothing and equipment being carried must be calculated to determine which ladder to use. If I want to buy a ladder I would have to consider at least a heavy duty which is weight rated for 300 pounds. Very few consumer outlets sell heavy duty ladders and if they do, the cost is much more than a light or medium duty which are more readily available in the big box stores.

I’d like to skydive. Parachutes have a weight rating limit. Many skydiving schools will not allow anyone over 220 pounds or so to participate in a tandem jump and limit all others to around 240 pounds. I’m not there, yet.

Hoss Cartwright weighed more than I do. Was it animal cruelty when he rode a horse? The accepted rule of thumb among stable owners is that a horse can carry 20% of its weight plus tack. It is common to see a 250 pound maximum weight limit advertised at rental facilities however that is a high limit. I won’t be horse-back riding any time soon.

Even my recent purchase of a camp chair was difficult as they too have weight ratings. I found a nice one for a fair price at my local Walmart store. I’ve used it for about one year and it just now is showing wear and tear…apparently it was rated higher than it could withstand in reality.

Bungee Jumping? Yeah, I am within the limits…but there is no way in…..


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