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Think of a New Years Resolution as a "New Model" Look That You Bless Yourself With---Don't Forget the Driving Gloves!

Updated on January 7, 2020
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Christofer spent 10 years in family counseling. Later he obtained a Psy. D.. His focuses: Health, History, Astrology, Politics and Fables

Resolved: A Son doesn't KNOW what to demand; except an Experience with Dad that can be Repeated with Affection and Attention

"Dad, lets play catch this afternoon.
"Dad, lets play catch this afternoon.

New Years Resolutions Can Go Upward and Onward!

Resolve to Invest in your Relationships
Resolve to Invest in your Relationships

Nature Shows the Path.

It's the depths of January, and people rise from their still sleep walking ways that they habituated during the holidays. As a species, we have been staying up late partying, even if we aren't Christmas keeping souls. Honestly, we are all trying to rise from the still dark morning and declare in our muted little ways: "I want to lose weight." "I want to be more sociable". "Darn, I just want to do a resolution that will be real six months from now, no matter what it is!"

Think of the Seed in the Ground

Nature teaches us that the growth of a seed is reflective of how new life engenders down here on our planet. Remember your biology teacher talking about the monocotyledons and the dicotyledons. The seed has to be planted. That means in the darkness relatively close to the surface so that it can gain moisture and light, and be blessed with enough warmth so that it doesn't get frozen as it sends its shoots upward.

Too simple? Maybe. But people who have resolutions forget that something new takes weeks to become a habit. Our psyches are like the earth. In order to sprout new things (the results of resolution) we must experience the QUIETUDE OF INITIAL SPROUTING.

So, the second day of your post resolution life, you will look at the spot where you planted and see NOTHING.

Jesus has a parable about how plants are like people and sprouts and plant growth barely thrive, thrive, sprout up and dry out, get planted in stony places and some perish. Think about how resolutions fall into these same kinds of categories. Our resolutions fail for obvious reasons, like little plants they fall subject to all kinds of environmental factors -- some that bring success, many that cause half way success, and some just get ground up in the dry cold stones by the side of the road.

Don't be Positive. Be Real.

So, the problem with resolutions is that if you try to be super positive, you will ultimately lose your vigor and become less positive and then depressed. If you are simply real, you will look at your resolution with a PLAN. Just be real about how long it takes to build a habit; how long it will take to watch your seed sprout and gain strength. Does a gardener have to be emotionally positive about her garden, or does she methodically, day by day, plan what she should do to bring her new garden to reality.

Plan on Getting Through January and February and then the end of March

If you don't believe in astrology, just think about the depths of winter and how hard it is to come up with spring time energy to make your resolutions LIVE! If you will listen to an astrological comparison, you will see the light even more:

In Capricorn, we make practical "goat-like" hard headed determinations about how our future is going to be. That's how we feel on January 2nd with all of our resolutions. Then along comes freaky, out of this world, know-it-all Aquarius. We immediately lose our common sense and wander around in the upper realms. Most of our Capricorn resolutions whither in this month. If they make it through Aquarius, then they splash into dreamy Pisces. Awash in emotional feelings, psychic insights, tidal ruminations and a sense that the world is always going to be oceanic. Resolutions have a hard time making it through intact here too.

Then Comes Aries

Then, if your resolutions are still sprouting and stretching toward the sun, and your steady self has done enough to keep your resolution alive, you hit the vital explosive energy of the Ram. power, zest, explosive energy coursing through your arteries. You are ready to do NEW THINGS.

This is why resolutions generally don't work. If you can make it to the first day of Spring with a resolution intact. Then you can really watch your garden thrive!

Don't get emotional. Tell yourself. This new January 2nd resolution is going to live until March 21, then I am going to succeed, and I will benefit from my new resolutions.

Think about pregnancy. The first few days and weeks, life is microscopic and invisible. Most mothers do not know of the fact of pregnancy for quite a time.

The growth of a seed. The growth of a zygote. The concept of gestation. These are the things to think about when you come up with a resolution on January 2nd.

It Looks Like Magic

To the unobservant disinterested highly distracted eye, all of this looks like magic. But to the conscious, thoughtful, planning soul, this is not magic, but the wonderment of life itself. Don't think of resolution making as some post-drunken regret, think of it as your chance to create a new life for yourself, no matter how small it might be. Get ready to pat yourself on the back in March.

Who knows you might start a trend! Put on you Driving Gloves as a constant message to your ever evolving self.

Does a Gardener Have to be Overly Emotional about a New Crop?

Resolutions don't have to have the smell of Mistletoe and the Determination of regret pushing you forward.

A good plan based upon a real need---something that wakes you up with simplicity and smiling determination. Like attending a new small garden you approach daily with positive expectation!

© 2011 Christofer French


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