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Being thankful for what you have

Updated on December 26, 2015

Life is often ironic, and, at this time of year, as we say good-bye to one year, and welcome in a new year, we often look back, reflecting on life's ironic nature.

When we are well, fit, and healthy, we take it for granted. It's not until we're struck down with illness, that we realize how precious, and irreplaceable our health is.

We also take our loved ones for granted. It's not until we lose them, and they are no longer here, do we realize that they were never going to live forever. It's another ironic touch.

We also have a habit for taking our own lives for granted. We think, and live in procrastination like we shall go on forever, live forever like an immortal god. But, at this time of year, we realize that we too, are mortal, and that we won't last forever. One year will be our last year.

The point is, we humans tend to take things for granted when we think something, or someone is going to be around forever. We take them for granted because we get comfortable, and used to them being there.

Yet, the ironic thing is, when we lose something, or someone, that's when we finally realize what it meant to us. But, if we leave it till we no longer have something, to appreciate something, then, we're far too late. We have to appreciate when we have something. And appreciate it all the time, and never take things for granted.

We can often be anywhere but the present. Instead of being thankful for life, those who are in our life, we end up being in regret about the past, or worrying about the future. Which ignores the only certainty we have, the now.

If we didn't take things for granted in the past, perhaps a lot of peoples regrets wouldn't be there. And, perhaps if we focused on the present, the future would take care of itself.

We also instead of being grateful of all the wonderful things we have in life - family, friends, a warm home, food/water, love etc - we tend to focus on what we haven't got. Yet, we know full well that when we do get that new thing, the novelty wears of in a few weeks. It becomes the new familiar, then we focus on wanting something else.

We have to appreciate the people, and things which are in our lives more, instead of taking what we have for granted, then being regretful for it, when it's too late.


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    • ActionForEarth profile image

      Jennifer 22 months ago

      Thank you for your comment Denise! :)

      I agree with you, I find myself doing the same. I think we are often anywere but being in the moment, or appreciating the people in our life while they are there, or, appreciating the things in our life, while they are there.

      I think if we appreciated more of what we have, we'd be happier, and things would flow to us naturally.

      Have a nice day :) x

    • denise.w.anderson profile image

      Denise W Anderson 22 months ago from Bismarck, North Dakota

      Your comment, "And, perhaps if we focused on the present, the future would take care of itself" is very timely. So often we live in the past or the future, ruminating about what we didn't do or what we don't have, and worrying about what "could" or "might" happen. I catch myself doing this often. I tend to see the imperfections of the present rather than enjoying what good there is!