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How to Benefit from Being A Vegan Veggie (Poem)

Updated on January 10, 2016

Listen While Readin'

Vegan Fruit And Veggies


Lover of animals,

More respect for them too,

Less emotional instinct

To want like they do.

So in touch with our Creator

As He planted what to eat,

Veggies, fruit, nuts and legumes,

Plenty of grains and wheat,

Those are sources

To live longer

And as you live

Get even stronger,

It’s miracle food

Taken for granted

Taken sporadically

Me? I’m enchanted,

Some say, I eat grass,

No spice of eating life

That’s true, no blood

Cutting food with a knife,

My spirit is strong and vast

Fed only by God,

He nourishes me

And doesn’t spare the rod,

He has made food for all of us

To avoid failing hearts,

Why is heart disease so prevalent?

On the cause of death charts,

Benefits of being a vegan veggie

Include being a Living Child of God,

No more living a life that’s edgy

But contentment in a daily clod,

The benefits are furthermore

Deeper than the eyes can see

And guess what is at the core?

Special love for you and for me,

I’m away from the old eating lifestyle

To a style before my time,

It only took a very short while

To go all veggie now, in my prime

The benefit for me is to max out

The talent left in me,

And reap all the benefits without a doubt

And to live life disease free.

Just Eating Healthy

After I became a strict vegetarian, I began shedding pounds. I wanted to lose some weight but not as much as I did. If you want to lose weight then this is the most economical way to do it as well as healthiest. Plus by eating vegan without animal products is the best way to avoid high cholesterol, heart disease and diabetes. Eating this way also motivates doing a certain degree of daily exercise. You start looking youthful, feeling better and resting better. Remember, no late night eating (Not later than 2-3 hours before bedtime. Drink proper amounts of water (at least 8 glasses a day). Another thing about eating this healthy is the formation of beautiful skin. No more or no need to buy expensive products to resolve teenage or adolescent skin issues. There are more undisclosed goodness to eating more healthy. If meat must be eaten then have the plate at least seventy-five percent vegetation to be on the safer side of things. Sooner or later you will become more favorable to vegetation and enjoy it more.

Under Control Of My Life

As I sunk more and more

Into this eating lifestyle,

Dreams to came true

And more I'd smile,

I gained more and more

Control of my life.

I notice that I felt

No more strife,

I was less emotional when I needed to be,

I was less desirous of sex, you see,

I conquered the feeling of needing attention,

There are more benefits that I didn't even mention.

Living Longer

The greatest benefit of course, is living longer while illness and disease free!


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  • Au fait profile image

    C E Clark 

    3 years ago from North Texas

    Vegetarian is definitely the most healthful diet and I do believe a person feels better not eating all that meat and animal products full of growth hormone and antibiotics, etc. Good job!

  • word55 profile imageAUTHOR

    Al Wordlaw 

    4 years ago from Chicago

    Hi teaches, I'm glad to see that you eat vegan style at least 2 days per week. I struggled for some years to come 100% and made it this year. Now when I go visiting on a cook out on the 4th I'll need to steer clear of all the barbecue and nibble on the veggies. That'll be another test for me. I'll keep you posted. So far so good though. Thanks for stopping by my sister :-)

  • teaches12345 profile image

    Dianna Mendez 

    4 years ago

    Glad this life choice suits your style and needs. I do eat vegan a couple of days per week but still include meat in my diet. Good write!

  • word55 profile imageAUTHOR

    Al Wordlaw 

    4 years ago from Chicago

    Hi Shyron, I'm glad you've had the opportunity to visit Chicago, a very beautiful city. I'm not sure if those centers that you mentioned still exist. I'm glad you found my poem to be beautiful. I'm just trying to spread the good word. Thank you for the compliment/comment and I hope and pray that you are taking the very best care of yourself and your family :-)

  • Shyron E Shenko profile image

    Shyron E Shenko 

    4 years ago from Texas

    word55, beautiful poem, awesom views of the Lake Front in the video.

    I remember this so well, been there so many times. The Henner Hearing and Speech Center for young deaf and hard of hearing children is/was on Michigan Avenue.

    Thumbs up and shared.

  • word55 profile imageAUTHOR

    Al Wordlaw 

    4 years ago from Chicago

    Yes Jackie, I want us to last here on hp for some decades. You can do it. I have lots of faith that shows you can. You're like a sister to me from reading your hubs :-)

  • Jackie Lynnley profile image

    Jackie Lynnley 

    4 years ago from The Beautiful South

    I am working my way there; and with prices soaring we may not have a choice so may as well get in practice huh? ^+

  • word55 profile imageAUTHOR

    Al Wordlaw 

    4 years ago from Chicago

    Yes joedolphin88, juicing veggies and fruits is very beneficial too. Thanks for stopping in my friend. How's that tanning coming along?

  • joedolphin88 profile image


    4 years ago from north miami FL

    Wonderful poem and teaches health through literature. Nicely done.

  • word55 profile imageAUTHOR

    Al Wordlaw 

    4 years ago from Chicago

    Ok Jodah, I'm glad you admire my new way of life. It's inexplainable. All I do is rejoice!

  • Jodah profile image

    John Hansen 

    4 years ago from Queensland Australia

    Great poem word55 promoting vegan ism and healthy eating. I admire your dedication to get there. I don't think I ever could, although I have reduced my meat consumption and increased the veggie portion that I eat. I still enjoy meat too much to cut it out completely.

  • word55 profile imageAUTHOR

    Al Wordlaw 

    4 years ago from Chicago

    Hi Playdivadi, You are so on point. i appreciate your input. It's good to relate with other vegetarians. We can share commonalities. I really appreciate your stopping by complimenting/commenting and sharing. It means a lot :-).

  • Playdivadi profile image

    Diane Denison 

    4 years ago from Cincinnati

    Love the hub and I love the Vegy Attitude.. I am a Vegetarian and I am so happy that you are writing about healthy foods. I have a lot of energy and I think meat is hard on our digestive system, and it zaps your energy. I gave meat up because I love animals and honor God's creation.

  • word55 profile imageAUTHOR

    Al Wordlaw 

    4 years ago from Chicago

    Hello oldies, Your friend can do it because if I can, anyone can plus, he has your support. "Frightened" into it? Sometimes, it is whatever it takes to do it! I give you a lot of credit for changing your eating habits. It means that you care preciously for yourself and that's the way to always be.. That's huge! I thank you for sharing even more. God bless :-)

  • oldiesmusic profile image


    4 years ago from United States

    Wow... this is a great poem. I kind of envy you because you manage to be a 100% vegan and I see you're really happy with it.

    My friend is only thirty four years old yet he's experiencing hypertension that only middle-aged men once suffered. This really frightened me so it inspired me to change my eating habits, gradually. Your poem comes in the right time and will further serve as an inspiration for me. Like you, I also want to max out the talent left in me by being healthy. Thank you. :)

  • word55 profile imageAUTHOR

    Al Wordlaw 

    4 years ago from Chicago

    Hi Tony55, Don't you know that we are special. Anyone that desires life to live longer than normal, anyone who wants to love and be loved can do this. Look around at our loved ones perishing every day. It's what goes in the body that deteriorates the organs and the heart. Meat or flesh and blood really wasn't meant for us to consume. Flesh and blood are in opposition to the health laws... but anyway, I thank you for stopping by and commenting. I appreciate you :-)

  • word55 profile imageAUTHOR

    Al Wordlaw 

    4 years ago from Chicago

    Oh Kim, you make me blush more and more but I'm glad that I hit this on the nail. It's the way that we were meant to devour our food. Glad you think the way you do. Stay sweet :-)

  • tony55 profile image


    4 years ago from Nigeria

    Veggies are great but it takes a special kind of person to become a vegetarian, there are many important reasons to eat only veggies but regular meals have there good too when eaten in moderation.

    lovely poem i like the religious inference voted up.

  • ocfireflies profile image


    4 years ago from North Carolina


    This is some of your best work. You have nailed it, knocked it out of the park. Voted up and Shared. Totally awesome in so many ways--just like you.



  • word55 profile imageAUTHOR

    Al Wordlaw 

    4 years ago from Chicago

    Greetings DDE, I'm glad you have changed your eating habits for the better. You'doing the best thing. Have a blessed day :-)

  • DDE profile image

    Devika Primić 

    4 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

    I have changed my eating habits for quite some time now and meat is not a must on my menu great thoughts here.

  • word55 profile imageAUTHOR

    Al Wordlaw 

    4 years ago from Chicago

    Hi ChitrangadaSharan, I am glad that you stopped by and saw the beauty in my expression. That makes you very observing. I appreciate you. Thanks for such a fantastic compliment/comment. Be most blessed :-)

  • ChitrangadaSharan profile image

    Chitrangada Sharan 

    4 years ago from New Delhi, India

    An innovative way of spreading an important message and that too beautifully!

    Nice poem and I also believe that vegetarianism is an important step to prevent some life threatening diseases.

    Voted up and shared on HP!

  • word55 profile imageAUTHOR

    Al Wordlaw 

    4 years ago from Chicago

    Hey MsDora, just did my 20 min work out, about to eat oat mill and spinach for breakfast and head out early to do some health food shopping. I appreciate your stopping by this morning. I struggled on and off with this diet for over a year but now I feel solidly crossed over. My taste buds just don't like the processed foods of others or restaurants. I don't like meat getting stuck in my teeth anymore. I can't stand eating flesh.Flossing and brushing works to certain extents and my buds seem to prefer God's nature of food now. It took me a long time to get here, hey!. I feel like celebrating. That's why I wrote this hub. I'm glad you appreciate where I'm coming from. I sincerely hope that you raise Jr. to get more used to eating plenty of veggies, nuts and fruit. He'll come up very mentally and physically stronger... I'm learning to make my own vegan salad dressings as well. We must start paying attention to God's health laws. With love, take care :-)

  • MsDora profile image

    Dora Weithers 

    4 years ago from The Caribbean

    Great promotion for vegan vegetarianism! Thank you for sharing the effects of this lifestyle change. The nutritional plus spiritual benefits make it worth the effort. Good listening music too.

  • word55 profile imageAUTHOR

    Al Wordlaw 

    4 years ago from Chicago

    Hi Faith, Seems like we're on the same path of life. There's nothing better to discover than stumbling upon living in excellent health after all. You realize, hey, I did it. I used to tell my mom, Ok ma, no meat no eat. Now, I hate that rhyme (lol). Just had a nice dish of stir fried veggies with Tofu. It was so good. It's always good trying to chat with you. You are so warm and kind. Don't ever change. Thanks for stopping by :-)

  • Faith Reaper profile image

    Faith Reaper 

    4 years ago from southern USA

    Oh, so beautifully written and insightful as to our health as God wants us to put only good things into His temple, our bodies! Your poetry is excellent and I truly enjoyed reading it. Thank you for sharing a part of your interesting life style change for the better. Truly gives one a lot to think about for sure.

    Up and more and away

    God bless you and for continue great health!

  • word55 profile imageAUTHOR

    Al Wordlaw 

    4 years ago from Chicago

    AMEN my sista Day!!! Praise the Lord for you. Send your message loudly...

  • Dana Tate profile image

    Dana Tate 

    4 years ago from LOS ANGELES

    I agree with you 100%. I have friends who died never seeing their forties it is such a tragedy. When we are young we eat and take our bodies for granted and it does catch up to us. I truly believe we can all live a lot longer if we eat foods that are natural the way it was intended since creation.

  • word55 profile imageAUTHOR

    Al Wordlaw 

    4 years ago from Chicago

    Hi Dana, you are off to a great start. That's exactly how I started. I wanted to tell more but didn't want to frighten anyone so I brought it out this way but notice: This world is in trouble. Look at why people are perishing (eating and swallowing chemicals in foods too). I thank you for stopping by and following. God bless you :- )

  • Dana Tate profile image

    Dana Tate 

    4 years ago from LOS ANGELES

    Extremely useful hub: Lately I have been consciously aware of my eating habits. Lots of things like heart disease and high cholesterol runs in my family. I want to try eliminating meat for a start and if that works take it a step further.


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