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Benefits of Pranayama breathing exercises

Updated on August 7, 2009

Health benefits of yoga pranayama

Pranayama refers to breath control exercises developed by ancient Indian sages who found that by controlling breathing one can control one's mind.For instance if you are agitated or angry just breath deep and hold it for a while and your mind quietens down immediately.

Yoga pranayama breathing exercises have many benefits which are listed below.

1.Strengthens the lungs and the respiratory system as a whole.

2.Improves the blood purification process.

3.Strengthens the mind to improve concentration and mind control.

4.Improves the functions of the brain cells as the brain gets optimum purified blood supply.

5.If done properly over a period of time,one can have amazing mental powers and psychic abilities such as mind reading,distant viewing,knowing past life information,ability to overcome gravity and float....etc

However it is advisable to consult your doctor before attempting pranayama breathing exercises since those with respiratory and heart issues should not participate in these exercises.

Our souls each have physical and astral bodies.At the time of death the physical body is destroyed but the astral body detaches itself and continues it's journey of spiritual evolution.Both our physical gross body and astral body are interconnected by mind. So by pranayama breathing exercises we can get connected to our astral bodies which have amazing psychic abilities and in the process we get some of those psychic powers.

There are many types of pranayama techniques such as sukha purvaka,bhastrika,kapala- bhati,suryabheda,ujjayi,plavini etc....Do not be overwhelmed and bewildered by these 'difficult to pronounce and remember' Sanskrit names.Here I have chosen the easiest of these pranayama techniques so that the drop out rate is low.For best results it is advisable to do these exercises in empty stomach.

Before commencing pranayama breathing exercises do this warm up breathing exercise.

1.Choose a clean and quiet place and sit with erect spine.

2.Close your right nostril with your fingers and inhale and exhale deeply through the left nostril 10 to 15 times.

2.Close your right nostril with your fingers and inhale and exhale deeply through the left nostril 10 to 15 times.

3.Now close the left nostril and use right nostril to inhale and exhale deeply 10 to 15 times as you did earlier.

If you find difficulty in inhaling or exhaling through one of the nostrils,it is perfectly normal since only one of the nostrils is predominant at a time and this changes every 90 minutes or so.

Pranayama techniques-1(sukha purvaka)

1.Close the right nostril using your finger and inhale slowly but deeply through the left nostril till you count 3 slowly.During inhalation,imagine that you are drawing in pure cosmic energy percolating to every nook and cranny of your body energizing every cell.

2.Now close both the nostrils and hold the breath till you count 12 slowly without getting uncomfortable.Imagine that you are holding the invigorating and rejuvenating energy inside your body.

3.Close the left nostril and exhale through the right nostril slowly till you count 6.While exhaling,imagine that you are flushing out all the impurities and negative thoughts.

4.Start the process again by closing the left nostril and inhaling through the right nostril till you count 3 as mentioned in para 1.

5.Retain the inhaled air till you count 12 without feeling uncomfortable as mentioned in para 2.

6.Now close the right nostril and exhale slowly and completely through the left nostril till you count 6.

These six steps constitute one breath cycle.Begin by doing it 6 times in the morning and 6 times in the evening and you can increase the number gradually to 20 each session.

The point to remember is that whenever you inhale you should imagine that your are inhaling the positive and pure energies and thoughts of the cosmos and when ever you exhale imagine that you are flushing out the impurities and negative energies and thoughts out of your body.If this breath control exercise is done regularly and sincerely,you will see the results within a week guaranteed.

Pranayama techniques-2(Bhastrika):

In this pranayama technique,inhaling and exhaling is done in rapid succession like bellows of a blacksmith.

Close the mouth and Inhale and exhale deeply and in rapid inhalation and exhalation constitute one pranayama cycle.At the end of ten cycles inhale fully and hold the breath as long as you can comfortably without straining yourself and exhale.Do ten cycles initially and slowly and gradually increase it to 20.Suitable time for this exercise is mornings and evenings when it is cool  and comfortable.

As mentioned earlier,whenever you inhale ,imagine that you are inhaling pure cosmic energy that percolates down to every cell in your body and invigorates it.Whenever you exhale,imagine that you are breathing out all the physical and mental impurities forcefully.

Pranayama techniques -3(Ujjayi)

This pranayama technique is nearly same as pranayama technique-2 without the bellows.

1. Close your mouth and inhale deeply through both nostrils.Imagine that you are inhaling pure cosmic energy that disperses throughout the body invigorating it.

2.Hold the breath as long as you can comfortably hold.

3.Exhale the air fully and imagine that you are flushing out all the impurities of body and mind.

To be successful in yoga pranayama it is very very important to have unwavering faith in the process.If done regularly and correctly with ample faith,it will surely give positive results.


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