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Benefits of Pre and Post-Work Out Drinks

Updated on August 1, 2015

Pre-Work Out Drinks

In this Hub I want to inform you all about the pros and cons of Pre and Post-work out drinks. You know, those nasty looking muck drinks you see others at the gym drinking from their shake bottles? Yeah, those. Despite common belief, there are more good than bad reasons and results form such drinks. For instance, pre-work out drinks are used to get you pumped or energized for the battle ahead. Just like coffee in the morning to wake up us pencil pushers, the same outcome applies. The only difference however, coffee will give you that afternoon-isn caffeine crash where pre-work out drinks do not. Reason being is that you're constantly staying active. Pretty simple, right? Unlike other jobs, we sit all day, nowhere for the energy to really go.


  • Energy before work out
  • Energy during work out
  • Helps with getting those extra pumps/reps
  • Many flavors = taste good


  • Can give head aches
  • Can last longer than you want the energy to last = tingles
  • Too much can make you used to pre-work out resulting in you needing to take more = bad

You don't need to have pre-work outs before every session. Don't follow the trend of the gym life where it displays all the products you "need" to have in order to accomplish "x, y, z." It helps those who do need it because of tiredness. If you have a heart condition, this isn't the best thing. Talk to your doctor first. I learned the hard way where I shouldn't take it.


Being The "Label"

Along with those two pre-work out powders I showed, there is this one in particular that, if you have an Instagram and follow any body building-related account, you'll see this.


I personally haven't used Shredz yet, but I would like to. I have a few friends who have used it and they say it's ok. Nothing different than the others. This one is more for the label and looking like you're wearing the product. They sell other products too like clothing and diet pills and such.

The thing with Shredz though, it's not all that cheep. It caters to those super intense and body-perfect athletes, a.k.a. body builders/gym-rats.

"But Dom. You're making this seem like you're bashing on body builders and the stereotype! Yet, you look like a total bro."

I know, I know. It may seem like I am but trust me, I'm just giving you facts that a lot of gym trainers won't tell you about. Trainers in which are part of big-named gyms where it comes down to money and not the client. Yes, I look and dress like a bro, I may sound like one at times, I'm not your typical gym-rat though either. I've got the trifecta going on - Musician, Gamer/Nerd, and I lift.

Pre-work out, protein powder, and diet pills.
Pre-work out, protein powder, and diet pills. | Source

Post-Work Out Powders/Meal Supplements

Post-work out powders are great because they help rebuild muscles. With their high protein count you'd think to drink these all day. You couldn't be more wrong, unfortunately. Sure, protein drinks can be used as meal supplements, but if you drink the same amount as if you just got home form the gym or working out, you wouldn't be too happy with the results. There are protein drinks out there that you can drink without working out. Perfect example, and these are what I have been taking, EAS and Muscle Milk. These are only 11-14oz cartons. They help with staying trim and toned and you don't have to worry about an over abundance of protein and sugars.

So when should you be taking these post-work out powder drinks? Typically the range is 20-30min after a work out - or at least that's what the instructions say. I will wait more 10-20mins. Little fact about protein count, you will want to equal the amount of protein to what you weigh. I weigh 200lbs roughly so ideally I will want to get in at least 200 grams of protein throughout the day. You don't have to do this, but it's smart depending on what you are trying to achieve.

If you simply can't get a meal in and need to dump in a 1-2 scoops of your protein powder, go for it. Keep in mind though you should probably have tested the protein powder - trial and error. Go for one with your favorite flavor, mine is anything that has chocolate. When first starting to work out don't go for the heavy protein powders, stick to real food or at least get your body accustomed to it by taking at most 1 full scoop.


AMP XXX MASS was one of the first protein powders I tried when starting out. I wanted to get huge fast. Went to GNC and picked the huge tub up. After a few months I released it wasn't a good idea. At the time I didn't work out as much due to time so the amount of protein this had was a too much for the little training I did. Soon saw that I would bloat a lot. I got kind of huge but I looked pudgy. I stopped taking this immediately and wasn't going to take any powders for awhile.

For me, this brand didn't work. Too sugar content as well. Sure, if I were to take it now I might see results, but I'm not wanting to take that risk since what I'm taking now has proven to be the best. I wouldn't suggest taking this unless you have been working out for a long time and have had the time to hit the gym or any intense training.


MUSCLE TECH/MASS TECH is actually pretty good. Not only do you get almost to the top powder, but it's relatively cheap and it has other nutrients. The scooper is a bit weird though, it looks like a measuring cup in a triangular shape. If you can get over the shape of the scooper you'll be fine. I've taken this in the morning to start my daily protein count - 2 scoops and I'm for the day and then later to the gym.

I don't have anything bad to say about Muscle Tech at all. It hasn't shown bad results. It taste good and it's light. Probably the best so far in terms or powders. The label doesn't lie - 8g of sugars and 63g of protein!?


RE-BUILT MASS is probably another one of the best I've had so far in terms of protein powders. If you can get your hands on this I'd say go for the large containers. High in protein and very low in sugar with added good nutrients (just like Mass Tech). I've never taken this other than post-work out. SO I can't tell you the results of taking it before are.

EAS - Advantage Edge

EAS and MUSCLE MILK are the two protein drinks I'm taking now. I will have 2/day (of the 11-14oz containers) unless I'm going to the gym - in which that case I will then have an added 2 more after my workout (I pour two into a large glass). These are great for wanting to get seen and toned. You can have these in the morning with or without food and nothing bad happens. Can you have only these throughout the entire day? No. You still need other real foods too.

The Muscle Milk Pro Series are great! You can find a majority of them at gas stations! They typically don't sell at normal grocery stores, so getting these in bulk you'd have to go online or Sam's Club. With the Pro Series though, I would only suggest taking one after a workout and maybe one earlier in the day. But again, everything is trial and error.


To sum this up, it's all about what works for you. Test things out - go for a month or two taking the powders and then be off of them for at least the same amount you were on. But if you're going to do this, stick to it. Once you're body has consumed these it knows and starts to almost depend on them... but not in a huge way or negative way. Hard to explain but just know that once you start and have started with high doses, keep going and do those on and off breaks.


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Again, your take on preworkouts is absolutely ridiculous.... Quit regurgitating what the GNC employee says to you on the internet.

      If you took the preworkout in the morning (like coffee) the results would be the same. CRASH.

    • DomsFitness profile imageAUTHOR

      Dom Spallino 

      3 years ago from Minnesota

      @Alphadogg16 - Yeah dude they don't have to say anything. As long as certain ingredients get labeled and approved by the FDA, they can pretty much get away with many things. I'm not the typical trainer who will tell you DO THIS and DO THAT... If I think it's dumb I'll tell ya haha.

    • Alphadogg16 profile image

      Kevin W 

      3 years ago from Texas

      Interesting hub DomsFitness. You do have to be careful with pre workouts, many of them are loaded with sugar, which perpetuates fat and company's do not have to disclose what is contained in their "proprietary blends", so you really do not know what you are putting in your body at times.


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