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Benefits of Selenium Supplements - Where to Buy Selenium Supplements Online

Updated on October 20, 2011

Important note: Everything in nature is best taken in natural form. Use of selenium supplements without medical prescription can cause dreaded physical and mental conditions. Specially selenium being a trace element if taken beyond the permissible limits can definitely cause gene mutation leading to cancer. It is a well established and proven research that selenium in permissible limits prevents cancer but its in excess can cause cancer so does molybdenum and iridium. This is the reason why the author has chosen to remove all the Amazon and Ebay product links to sell selenium supplements that can be taken over the counter. Selenium supplements should never be taken over the counter and should only be consumed under the special guidance of a doctor with proper prescription.

It is a true fact that the atomic number 34 trace mineral “selenium” helps fight free radicals and prevents cancer and AIDS. Found mostly in soil mixed with volcanic ash or sea water, selenium is helping the mankind stay away from some deadliest diseases of the century. Although selenium is a toxic trace element naturally occurring just like other abundant elements in earth’s crust, it is vital for cellular function in most living organisms. Besides its importance in the lifecycle, this nonmetal is used in making glass, rubber, alloys, etc. Selenium is also used by the photographic industry for making print toners and by the nutrition and food industry for making dietary supplements and by the cosmetic industry for developing anti-dandruff shampoos to fight fungal growth on human scalp.

According to several studies, it has been revealed that selenium-rich foods activate an enzyme “glutathione peroxidase” that helps prevent free radical formation. Free radicals damage DNAs inside human body which leads to tumor and cancer growth. Moreover, organically grown selenium-rich food products like Brazil nut, onion, garlic, whole grains, and fish help in regularization of natural lifespan of cells in healthy individuals as well as in cancer and AIDS cases. Selenium also aids during chemotherapy on cancer patients where it does not let the normal cells die due to intensive chemical properties of anticancer medicines. Selenium mostly found in sedimentary rock interferes with cancer cells inside human body. This is the reason why people living on selenium-rich soils have low probability to have cancer than those who live on selenium-deprived lands.

Selenium supplementation can prevent cancer and AIDS by boosting antioxidant activity in the body. But supplemental selenium should be taken only under the guidance of an expert. Increased dose of selenium above 130 ng/mL can be harmful for the individual taking it plus there are no beneficial effects that can be obtained from the supplement of selenium once this dosage is reached. Besides acting against HIV and cancer cells, selenium supplementation also helps in antiaging and healthy baby development in pregnant women.

Least but not last, proper levels of selenium in human body can help fight cancer and AIDS and also reduce any risk of cardiovascular disease and goiter. Selenium supplementation also helps in promoting appropriate liver function. Besides selenium supplementation, the traces of this mineral can be found naturally in shrimps such as camarones and prawns, lobsters, crabs, pork chops, bacon, caviar, rice, oat, wheat, fish, liver, oysters, whelk, mussels, sunflower seeds, and Brazil nuts. Selenium dietary supplements can be bought online or from a local supplement shop. A multimineral supplement with traces of selenium can also be bought online depending on the advice of your doctor or over the counter from a nutritional shopping store.


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    • soni2006 profile image

      Rajinder Soni 5 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Thanks for your comments lavender and rsusan. Yes selenium can be prescribed to prevent cancer.

      Whether you buy it online or offline, always make sure that you buy from a trusted store and there will be no issues.

    • rsusan profile image

      Rika Susan 5 years ago from South Africa

      Thanks for a very informative hub, soni2006. Must say, I don't like buying this stuff online. One hears so many stories about 'fake' products. When it comes to health supplements I want to be very sure that I am getting the genuine, high-quality stuff.

    • profile image

      lavender3957 5 years ago

      Wonderful hub, well written, I had no idea this stuff even existed. Do they use prescribe this for people with cancer? Thanks for sharing.