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Benefits of drinking Fennel tea

Updated on July 28, 2014

Benefits of Fennel Tea

Fennel tea is excellent for digestive system and helps to ease bloating and it also helps nursing mothers to produce more milk. Other benefits include lowering of high blood pressure and helps infants with colic relief.

Sometimes Fennel tea is used to increase sex drive and it is also said that gargling with fennel tea reliefs the throat and also cold symptoms by drinking 3 cups a day. It is also believe that fennel tea can help with breaking down kidney stones.

Other Benefits of Fennel Tea are:

- Mostly used by Hindus and Chinese people to relief snake bites

- Good to be used as a mouthwash

- May also help in reserving alcohol damage to the liver

- Romans used Fennel Tea for weight lose

- Helps to improve libido

- Helps with freshening of breath

- It is also good for appetite suppressant

- Improves immune system health and also aids in menstruation

People with seizures are not advised to drink fennel tea. And not advised to drink whilst pregnant.

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