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Effects of Protein Supplements on the Body

Updated on October 14, 2012

There are several positive effects of protein supplements. Proteins are among the essential micro nutrients which supply the amino acids that the body requires for the proper growth and maintenance of the organs. Body requires several nutrients and it cannot produce these nutrients on its own. Some of the required nutrients are

- Proteins

- Minerals

- Carbohydrates

- Vitamins

- Minerals

- Fats

- Water

We have to eat food to include all the essential nutrients. Water is of course the most important of these nutrients. Protein is absolutely essential not only to build muscles but also to produce antibodies and haemoglobin.


Sources of Protein

Meat is the best source of protein. But people who do not eat meat can also get it from other foods like diary products, eggs, nuts, peanut butter and beans. Vegetarians can get all the proteins they require from these foods.

Quantity of protein required by the body

People from developing countries may suffer from malnutrition and lack of proteins. This may result skinny body with bloated stomach. It is also likely to result in weakness, poor resistance to infections, lack of energy and depression. Benefits of using protein supplements in such cases are immense.

Generally the body requires 0.8 gm of protein for each kilogram of body weight. Athletes and body builders who exercise regularly require anywhere between 1 -2 gm per kg of body weight. This is the reason why athletes and body builders take protein supplements.

There are several sources of proteins

Whey protein

It is obtained during the conversion of milk to cheese. The left over liquid is called whey. Dry protein powder is obtained from it using certain processes. The protein, when digested provides excellent nutrition to the muscles.

Soy Protein

It is obtained from the soy plant. Soy protein is the next best to meat protein. It helps to reduce the level of LDL cholesterol in the body.

Egg protein

The egg white contains proteins. This is one of the best available proteins in natural form. Egg has to be boiled before it is eaten to destroy all the bacteria it contains. Eating only egg white provides protein without the cholesterol contained by the egg yolk

Casein Protein

It is produced from cow’s milk. Casein contains high levels of protein with very low cholesterol. It contains all the amino acids necessary for the body. As casein is absorbed slowly by the body, a sustained supply of protein is maintained.


During certain serious illnesses you may lose appetite and may not be able to get sufficient nutrients. Good nutrition is absolutely essential for the immune system and also for recovery. Protein supplements help to provide all the amino acids and energy required for recovery.

Excess protein is not good for the body. But consuming normal quantities is absolutely essential as is require help build the muscles and maintain them. It is also required for hair, bones and skin. You generally get all the proteins you require with normal diet. Take protein supplements only if you exercise hard and long.

These are some of the positive effects of protein supplements on the body


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