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Berkey countertop water purifiers: good water and less pollution

Updated on October 17, 2011

Countertop water filters can save your life

A countertop water filter system is something that a lot of people have become interested in. There has been a lot of media about the contamination in our water. Some reports say that water is so polluted it must be purified before you drink it. People are paying attention to these reports.

The Imperial berkey countertop water purifiers are perfect for emergencies where clean water is critical. The imperial water filter system is large enough for groups, large families and natural disasters. Plenty big enough for your thirsty family

Sometimes, a countertop water filter system could be used other than to purify just your daily water. What if you were planning a community picnic during the summer months? Everyone would be thirsty. What would they resort to? They would probably buy tons of bottled water.

You could buy bottled water - and contribute to pollution

That's fine, but then you start to think about what would happen with all those plastic bottles. People would throw them into regular trash bins or recycling bins. What if during your community gather you could offer people water from a disaster use water purifiers? That would save a lot of recycling and waste.

Make your next event truly Green!

The next time you sponsor or organize and event at your school church or civic group - use filtered water. This can save literally thousands of water bottles from ending up in the landfill. You could advertise it so that people knew to bring cups or bottles from home.

This one tactic could save people a lot of money and be more attractive because you were reducing the impact on the environment by using a countertop water filter system. You would also be saving them a lot of money while providing cleaner and better tasting water than they can buy.

What is really IN that bottled water anyway?

Bottled water can be a mystery because you don't really know anything about what is in it and it can be expensive. Especially at events, where vendors charge ridiculous prices for all beverages.

Help the planet and your community by using a Berkey water filter

Make a statement and do something positive for your community and for the environment. Don’t feel guilty about throwing away trash that cannot or will not be properly recycled. A lot of places don't have recycling bins available and people will end up throwing away those bottles that will go directly to a landfill. What a waste, when all they want is a good glass of clean drinking water.

The Countertop water purifier can supply large groups with fresh clean water.

If you are interested in a countertop water filter system that is idealfor community gatherings look at ones that convert at least 400 water per day. Also keep in mind you need a gravity fed water purifier, easily cleaned and can be easily moved from place to place.

The Berkey water Filter system gives safe clean drinking anytime - anywhere

So the next time, that you are planning an event think about using a countertop water filter system that provides safe and clean water for your attendees. It is a great way to reduce the impact on the environment. The environment, and your local landfill would appreciate it greatly.

What better way to make a positive statement to your community? You can encourage other groups to tart using a countertop water filter in their home or at community events. Just think about it! You could actually be the catalyst for your community changing its recycling habits and becoming more environmentally conscious.

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    • profile image

      laurens health 9 years ago

      It's insane how much pollution water bottles create. I recently blogged about how actually making your water bottles uses up more water than the bottle itself will hold

      Actually, that's one of the reasons bottled water is so expensive. Water is pretty cheap, especially since most bottled water companies don't seem to be using anything other than purified tap water. But all the materials that go into the bottle increase the price. And even if it was recycled there's still a lot of water and energy they use.

      That's why I figure it's just a good idea to buy a decent quality water bottle (non-toxic) and a good water filter. At first they seemed more expensive but in the end it's actually comparatively cheap.

    • profile image

      steve 9 years ago

      It is what you can't see in the water that gets you. these filters work?