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Best Antioxidant Supplements And Foods

Updated on October 31, 2011

Best Antioxidant Supplements and Foods

Most people agree that drinking tea is good for your health, but the truth is, drinking green tea is a much better option. The antioxidants in green tea are responsible for its many positive health benefits. But first, let's take a look at why antioxidants are needed by the body:

Oxidation is a natural occurrence in the body that leads to damage and death human cells. Research has proven that this gradual massive destruction of individual cells is the primary cause of aging and natural death. Oxidation occurs as a result of natural metabolic processes, but happens much faster because of increased solar exposure, polluted environment, smoking, and alcoholism.

Antioxidants are compounds or substances that shield cells from damage caused by inconsistent molecules better known as free radicals. A free radical is an altered atom in a molecule, which results from abnormal chemical changes.

Chemical alterations by free radicals can lead to cancerous tumors. Antioxidants lower the risk of developing tumors by neutralizing free radicals. Some of the most powerful antioxidants are lycopene, beta-carotene, vitamin E, A, and C.

To maintain balance, free radicals borrow electrons from nearby atoms. Usually, they "steal" electrons from a healthy human cell, causing imbalance and genetic damage to that particular cell. Instead of the human cell contributing its electrons to the free radicals, antioxidants prevent cellular damage by offering their own electrons. Thus, the human cells remain healthy and damage free.

Each time a free radical free radicals borrow electrons, antioxidants also give away an electron of its own, stopping possible damage to nearby cells. Therefore, it is a good idea to constantly supply your body with antioxidants in the form of supplements and natural foods in order to continue fighting the onslaught of free radicals in the body.

Foods with Antioxidants

Antioxidants can be found in fruits and vegetables -- in huge quantities. It can also be found in foods like nuts, poultry, fish, grains and meats.

· Beta-carotene is an effective antioxidant and can be usually found in potatoes, squash, apricots, carrots, mangoes and pumpkins. Some green vegetables like spinach and collard greens also have high levels of beta-carotene.

· Vitamin A is very important for production of antioxidants. It ranks among the top antioxidant vitamins which can be found in egg yolks, potatoes, cheese, carrots, and pure cow's milk.

· Vitamin E is also a major antioxidant and abounds in almonds. It can also be found in wheat germ, soybean, and corn oil. You can also find lots of Vitamin E in mango, broccoli, nuts, and many others.


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