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Best At Home Workout Routine To Lose Weight. A Fat Loss Exercise Plan.

Updated on January 2, 2013

Running In Place

You can easily run in place at home. I recommend an elliptical trainer because it reduces the impact but you can just run on the floor or use a treadmill. If you practice and build up your endurance you could burn a lot of calories. The main disadvantages I noticed are that it can take a lot of time and it is hard to keep myself motivated and focused enough to maintain a fast pace. The main reason I like it is because I can burn over 1,400 calories while I watch TV.

If you run on a regular basis you can continue to improve your speed and endurance until you are burning over 1,400 calories but it could take over 2 hours of running and a a lot of recover time. Running works great for getting rid of fat but it has its limits. The fat loss I experienced while running was very gradual and I stopped losing fat before I achieved the results I wanted.


Jumping Rope

Jumping rope is a great indoor cardio exercise. You can do it while staying in the same spot so it does not require very much room and if you do it at a fast pace it can make for a quick workout. The main disadvantage is that it takes practice and it can be hard on the calf muscles. It is a high impact exercise but the calf muscles absorb most of the impact. My calf muscles became stronger and I became better at jumping rope but it was hard on me the first month.


Shadow Boxing

Boxing punches can provide you with a good cardio workout. You can shadow box your shadow or punch a punching bag. I can get a good cardio workout either way. However it does require a lot of focus. It can easily turn into big waste of time. You need to make sure the punches have power and that you are constantly moving your body.

Don't just move your arms. Get on your toes and move your feet. Make sure you use the proper boxer stance and act like you are training for a boxing match. Boxers do a lot of endurance training because boxing requires a lot of endurance. If the workout seems easy you are doing it wrong. While shadow boxing I start breathing hard, my heart rate goes up, I sweat a lot and I feel like I am using a lot of energy.

Me doing decline push ups.
Me doing decline push ups. | Source

Push Ups

There are lots of different types of push ups you can do. For some push up variations check out my push ups and planks challenge. Doing push ups gives your muscles a good workout and burns a lot of calories. At least it burns a lot of calories for the time you put into it. The problem is that it is not an exercise people can do for a long time. However you can do push ups for a short period of time, do something else and then do some more push ups. You can make the push ups more difficult or easier.

Lat Pulls Or Pull Ups

Lay on top of a towel on a smooth floor. Your body and legs should be on the towel. Reach out and then pull yourself forward. Then push yourself back. That is a variation of the lat pull. It may seem silly but it is a difficult exercise. The pulling and pushing burns calories. Pull ups are another good exercise for burning calories. However you would need a pull up bar or a tree branch to do pull ups on.

The Routine

  • Push ups
  • Shadow boxing
  • Lat pulls or pull ups
  • Sprinting

It is a simple but very effective workout. Go through the exercises as many times as you want. Muscle confusion helps with weight loss and muscle growth. So there is no reason to do the exercises in a specific order and you should vary the individual exercises. Do different push up variations instead of doing the same push up variation every day you workout. Sprinting does not need to be limited to running. You could jump rope. The shadow boxing can be random punches and movements. For the lat pulls you can change the speed and the width of your grip. Some days you can switch from lat pulls to pull ups.

When I say it is the best it is just my opinion based on my experiences. I like it because I can just start doing the workout routine, it does not need to take very long, there is some variety and it works. For best results keep trying to do more but rest when your muscles need time to recover.


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    • ChitrangadaSharan profile image

      Chitrangada Sharan 5 years ago from New Delhi, India

      A very nice and useful hub. Most of the times, it becomes difficult to remain motivated, when working out at home. Your hub is a motivation to me and will be a motivation to many.

      Thanks for sharing.