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Best Back Exercise Equipment

Updated on December 22, 2014

Choosing The Best Back Exercise Equipment

These days, there are more and more people who want to exercise in the comfort of their own homes instead of in an overcrowded gym. When you do this, you get privacy and you won't ever have to wait for other people to finish their exercises on equipment you want to use. Extra unused rooms or basements are great places to set up a home gym with cardio and weight training equipment.

When you weight train at home, you'll need to train each muscle group to build a complete and proportioned physique. This means that you'll have to purchase the right equipment to build all of the muscles. This of course holds true of the upper back, which, when you put all of the muscles together, makes up the largest muscle group of the body.

When you weight train at home, the best back exercise equipment will be necessary to build the back muscles. This equipment includes pull-ups bars, weight sets, lat pulldown machines, row machines, and Perfect Pullups.

Pull-Up Bars

Pull-ups are the best exercise you can do to increase the width of your lats. They are superior to pulldown exercises because you are moving your body through space when you do them rather than pulling a weight to your body. This makes a pull up bar among the best back exercise equipment to purchase if you work out at home.

The best pull up bars can be set up in a doorway or from the rafters in a basement. If you hang one in a doorway you'll have to bend your legs since your feet will touch the floor when you are at the bottom of a push up repetition. Though you may prefer to do pull-ups with your legs straighter, you will be able to use the floor to get some extra reps when you do them in a doorway. Another great thing about pull up bars is that you can use then to do leg raises, which are one of the best abdominal exercises.

If you have trouble with pull-ups you can opt for an assisted pull-up machine. These machines have pads you put your knees or feet on that will have push you up as you pull up. On these machines it will be harder to do the exercises as you decrease the weight as that's what pushes you up. When you get strong enough, you can adjust it so that you don't get any weighted assistance on pull-ups. These machines are also great for assisted dips.

Lat Pulldown Machines

When you want to build your lats but can't do very many pull-ups or don't have room in your home to do them, lat pulldown machines are a great alternative. They'll allow you to do pulldowns so you get the most out of your upper back workout. With a lat pulldown machine you can train your lats fully by gripping the bar in different ways.

Most lat pulldown machines have cables. Cable pulldown machines are great because you'll feel constant resistance throughout a pulldown rep. It's best to have a bar on your cable that will allow you to perform close and wide grip pulldowns, as these are the best exercises for complete lat development.

Some weight benches will have a lat pulldown attachment. These are great find since you'll save money from not having to buy a separate machine to do pulldowns on.

Weight Sets

If you're looking for the best back exercise equipment, you need to have something to do rows with. Rows work all those muscles in the middle of your upper back, which is essential for building a complete physique.

One of the best ways to do row exercises is with free weights. You can simply do bent over rows with a barbell loaded with weights. Rows with dumbells are also excellent for training your upper back muscles. Another thing you can do is to load up one end of a barbell with weights and bend over and lift the weighted end to do t-bar rows.

The best weight sets include a strong barbell, plenty of weights that range from 2.5 to 45 pounds, and a pair of adjustable or a set of fixed dumbbells. This will allow you to perform the various free weight row exercises easily.

Row Weight Training Machines

Another great way to perform rowing weight training exercises is with machines. These machines are among the best back exercise equipment because you'll be able to perform row exercises while in a seated position for the most part, which will help spare your lower back as compared to bending over with a barbell in your hands if you have problems in that area.

Like with lat pulldown machines, most row machines are cable machines. These are great for getting resistance in every part of a rep. With row machines you can also use various grips including close grip with the palms facing and wide overhand grip to hit your back muscles from many different angles.

Perfect Pullups

If you want to keep it simple, Perfect Pullups are certainly among the best back workout equipment. From the creators of the Perfect Pushup, they are an inexpensive piece of equipment that you can set up in a doorway and perform pull up and rowing exercises on. The difference between them and normal pull up bars is that they have handles that allow you to turn your arms during a rep to activate more muscles.

To perform pull ups on a Perfect Pullup, you set it high up in a doorway. As with regular pull-up bars, you'll likely have to bend your knees when you do pull ups on the Perfect Pullup. Of course, you'll also be able to get extra reps by putting your feet on the floor to really burn out your lats.

Another thing that makes Perfect Pullups among the best upper back exercise equipment is the fact that your can also do row style exercises with them. You do this by setting the Perfect Pullups low in a doorway and gripping the handles with your back facing the floor. You then pull your body upwards toward the bar.

With the ability to do both pull-ups and rows with the Perfect Pullup, and their low price, they are one of the best values when it comes to home gym equipment. You can also take them with you to get a workout anywhere.

Proper Pull Down Form


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