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Best Exercises For Abs

Updated on June 9, 2010

Best Exercises For Abs

How to train your abdominal muscles. Sets, reps and weight

The abdominal muscles can endure an amazing amount of punishment during one workout and then come back for more after a short period of rest. That is because the abdominal muscles are a quickly reoxygenating muscle group. They recover quickly after a set and are soon ready for more hard work. For this reason you have to be very smart and vary sets, reps or weight.


Although abdominal muscles reoxygenate quickly, the total sets must vary from person to person. In general more is better when you are training your abdominal muscles. Increasing the number of sets in every workout can produce great results. For example if you are doing ten sets, try twelve sets next week or month, but you need to increase the workload only when you feel that your abdominal muscle trainingis insufficient.

Your objective is to create as much overall stress to the abdominal muscles as possible between brief rest periods. You need to work your abdominal muscles with supersets(two consecutive abdominal exercises), trisets (three consecutive abdominal exercises), and giant sets (more of three consecutive abdominal exercises), because it places stress on them almost nonstop.


Varying high-rep sets and medium-rep sets with weight can be the best method because the rep scheme is indicative of overall workload on the abdominal muscles. More reps and medium reps with weight is equal greater intensity. The most important is to work your abdominal muscles until you cannot do one rep more, so you can be sure that your abdominal muscles is exhausted.


When your rep number is insanely high, you will need to add weight to your abdominal exercises. With this you enhance intensity, and can keep the workout short. Rope crunches are the best abdominal exercises to work with weight, there are lots of variations, but only stick two or three of them.

You concentrate your energy in these three simple tips and you will build incredible abdominal muscles to show off at beach or gym.

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