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Best Hangover Home Remedies for Teenagers - How to get rid of a hangover Instantly

Updated on November 6, 2014

The holidays are the time of toast and drinks, but what about the next day? There are times when we are helpless but sleep till hangover is completely gone. Here are some remedies that actually work to quickly recover from the hangover. We have heard of those myths about getting rid of hangover . Do they actually work ??

Normally never come to raise too much to drink, we know that. But Christmas and the holidays are time to toast, and can also happen to have a drink too. When it happens, friends always have a very special method to advise you to immediately put you back on track after a hangover. Some of these remedies actually have a scientific basis, while others are only legends handed down by a drunk another, click on the items below and then find out what really works as an anti-hangover and what will not.


It works. As you probably know by frequent trips to the bathroom after a night of debauchery, alcohol is a diuretic and can cause dehydration.Before collapsing on the bed, then quaff a pint of water for at least partially balance the fluids in your body.

Sports Drinks

Do not work. "Although the diuretic effect of alcohol can cause the body to lose some 'electrolyte, the phenomenon does not occur in such a way as to make it necessary replace them immediately," says Dr. Samir Zakhari, director of the Division Metabolism and Health of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. A survey of the Institute itself has also shown that energy drinks are not better than the common tap water to make up for a hangover (so save your money).


Works / does not work. Coffee, you know - it's a shock of energy, but it is said that caffeine makes you go damn headache hangover (indeed, in some cases it gets worse). Some studies also indicate that caffeine has a diuretic effect, so it can increase the dehydration triggered by alcohol in excess.

Other alcohol

Does not work. Can other alcohol bring your normal stage back on? "Bad idea," assures Dr. Daniel K. Hall Flavin, consultant in addiction psychiatry at the Mayo Clinic (USA). "It will give you a temporary numbing effect, however, intended to move quickly leaving you alone ... a headache even stronger."


Work. Normally, when sugar levels in the blood fall, the liver responds by producing more glucose from stored carbohydrates. But if you've been drinking too much, your liver is busy metabolizing alcohol and can not handle the work, so your blood glucose levels remain low, making you feel irritable and tired. That's why, even if no food can stop the roller coaster in your stomach, carbohydrates can help to raise your blood glucose levels the next morning, making you feel a bit less shocked.


Do not work. normally If you take a multivitamin already, please continue to do so ... But know that no study has shown that some particular vitamin can do something to put you back first up from a hangover.

Fatty foods

Work. But be careful, not only before drinking but after :Fatty foods can slow the absorption of alcohol, which by the way is a substance "lipophilic", that binds to fat . Your liver will have less to dispose of if the drink is preceded and accompanied by food not exactly "light".


They work, but not all ... You can calm the pounding headache with one tablet or two (depending on dose) of a non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as aspirin, ibuprofen and naproxen. But avoid acetaminophen: Although it is usually OK for a headache, when it ends in a liver is working overtime to metabolize all alcohol may damage pancreas.


Works / does not work. Basically a drink (35 cl of beer or 15 cl of wine or 4 cl of liquor) is metabolized by the body in an hour or so. So the theory that "do much exercise helps to metabolize the alcohol" is just an urban legend. At the same time, however, the release of endorphins when you sport can improve mood. And burn some energy could mitigate your guilt as you drank ... Have a bottle of water during physical activity, so as not to dehydrate your body even more already tried alcohol.


Does not work (but why not?). So far no research has failed to demonstrate that sex can help you dispose of a hangover. At most, consider it as a pleasant way to pass the time faster than waiting to return sober

The best advice

You're a grown man and I hope that you know you must drink responsibly. Here, however, a rule that can help you keep at least a little 'the situation under control even in the evenings when the risk of exaggeration: "Limit your drinks in one hour, to allow time for the body to dispose of the alcohol. Bevi in intervals narrower, and the level of alcohol in the blood will rise more quickly.Also, never drink on an empty stomach and always try to switch between glasses of beer or wine with a big glass of water.

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