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Best Workout DVDs

Updated on September 10, 2013
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Image courtesy of stockimages | Source

I consider myself lucky as I enjoy exercising, enjoy the pain, the effort and the struggle to push myself to work harder. I must mention that I am not an athlete nor do I participate in any team sports, but I enjoy the one on one competition with myself.

I started my passion for home DVD workouts with a Yoga DVD about 8 years ago which I intergrated into my schedule and made a point to workout at least twice or thrice a week.

I fell in love with the intensity, the serenity and peace one enjoys afterwards and went on to expand my collection with Pilates and Ashtanga Yoga. I changed my routine and joined the gym for a while to support my husband and change the scenary a bit. Since then a couple of years have passed and I am back to my DVD home workouts and loving every minute of it.

I have no commute, can put on whatever I want, don't have to worry about other people's foul smell or how they perceive me. ALL of that and a total of 40 pounds is gone. I am leaner, more toned and feel absolutely amazing. Now it's just me and mostly Shaun T :) Here's a list of my favorite DVDs. I hope you see results as fast as I did and enjoy it.

Words of Advice From Shaun T

  • Hip Hop Abs DVD Workout

My absolute top of the list DVD. There's so many things to say about this that it's hard to know where to start. The best thing is that it does not feel like a workout, the music is good, Shaun T's motivation skills are amazing from a cheesy grin to hardcore trainer.. he knows how to make you wanna do one more and push you to your limits.

You should start at your own pace as it is a fast paced workout and work your way to keeping up with the DVD. The longest single workout is 45 minutes, the shortest 5 minutes.

No sit-ups, no crunches and the Workout DVD package comes with a full set of food recommendations and a workout plan.

You can choose from everyday to three times a week. One thing is sure whether as a beginner or advanced keep a towel nearby because you will definitely need it.

Hip Hops Review & Results

  • Brazil Butt Lift DVD Workout - Base Kit

This workout covers the entire body. The title might be deceiving and indicate that it only targets the lower body, but the 5 DVD cover legs, thighs, upper body area and the back. Leandro brazilian accent motivates and dance moves like Samba and his signature moves firm, tighten and lift the butt area while toning the thighs, excellent for us ladies..

The first time I did the Bum Bum exercise.. I was amazed at how "badly" I performed in terms of condition on a 35 minute workout. The moves weren't difficult per say but the combination of the right angle and the right intesity works wonders.

The 50 minute Sculpt targets the whole body and does include weights for the upper body and has amazing exercises for strengthening back muscles hence reducing back pain and helping to regain posture. This DVD set is also in Spanish, for those who prefer this over English.

Comes with a food recommendation guide, a workout plan to get maximum results, the same goes for beginners.. always start at your own pace, don't overdo and end up pulling a muscle or two .. it really hurts.

You cannot go wrong if you are looking for a complete body workout in one DVD set, though it's a bit pricey with determination and the right attitude you can definitely see results.

  • Winsor Pilates 3 DVD 5 Workouts Set

After an intense impact workout I like to incorporate something that stretches and helps me relax while still giving me a workout. Most of us have heard of Mari Windsor especially if you know of Pilates and Yoga. Although her DVD's don't have a lot of "aerobic like" exercises, don't let that deceive you.

These workouts teach you body control which at times is a lot more difficult. Using the pilates principles, you can tone your body to get that perfect shape after burning the fat.

With the Sculpting Circle and the accompanying DVD your can tone those flabby arms, buns, inner thighs and chest. Who wouldn't want that? :)

  • Yoga For Every Body

Last but not least.. Ever since I started with this Yoga DVD 8 years ago, it is still one of my favorites when it comes to stretching, refocusing and relaxation. It has 45 workouts to choose from which range from beginner to advanced, based on how much time you have to spare or would like to work out or meditate.

JJ Gomley guides you through every move and allows for enough time to recuperate before advancing to the next ones. The total body relaxation is my best part, it's my reward to myself where i can just lie there doing absolutely nothing, regain my focus and enhance my inner vision.

Yoga not only tones the body, it also food for the soul for those who want to bring back the focus once lost. It takes a while to teach your mind to drown out the day's happenings but it is worth a try.

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