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Best Kept Secret about an activity that Enhances Your health

Updated on June 15, 2013
John playing old timers hockey 4th of May 2013.
John playing old timers hockey 4th of May 2013. | Source

Best Kept Secret

Ice hockey, yes I did say ice hockey is a significant enhancer of your health and mind that few partake in. Recent research by Dr. John Medina concludes that aerobic-type exercise not only is excellent for your physical health but also your mental health. Aerobic type exercise increases the BDNF concentration in our brain which makes us more alert and actually reduces the risk of dementia substantially. Medina mentions that when one is involved in an activity where you must think quickly, are in a state of changing and quite rapid motion it is the optimum state for brain enhancement.

Thus, ice hockey seems to be ideal. It is highly aerobic, one is in a state of constant and rapidly changing motion. One must make quick decisions that evolve rapidly dependent on the game situation. Those ignorant of old timers ice hockey may indeed think it is a risky and violent type of activity; however, it is not. Old timers ice hockey does not permit fighting or hitting and has become more popular with both genders (women can and do play ice hockey). There may indeed be collisions of accident; however, with proper equipment there is little risk. One of the greatest advantages of ice hockey is the relatively less impact on our bones due to the lower viscosity of playing on ice relative to a substantially higher viscosity basketball court or baseball field. As I have reached 26 for the second time it is much more stressful on my knees to play basketball, singles tennis or ski on moguls.

John shooting on goalie...

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