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Best Lower Back Workout Routines

Updated on December 21, 2014

Training The Lower Back Muscles

There's no doubt that the lower back is one of the most important muscle groups to strengthen and thicken through weight training. Whenever you do just about any weight training exercise your lower back muscles will take a major part in stabilizing your body. If you have a weak lower back it will adversely affect the amount of weight you can handle on almost any exercise. This means that even though the muscles of the lower back aren't very large, they are very important to train so you build more strength in that area.

It's also very important to avoid getting a lower back injury. Having an injured lower back will make everything you do much tougher, especially lifting weights. Heck, it can be hard to walk or even sit right when you hurt your lower back. When you do exercises during the best lower back workout routines you must be sure to train them with proper form to prevent any injuries.

Best Lower Back Exercises

There are a few exercises that should be part of the best lower back workout routines. These exercises will help you thicken and strengthen the lower back muscles. The best lower back exercises are deadlifts, good mornings, and hyperextensions.

The deadlift should be the main exercise of the best lower back workout routines. No exercise is better for building strength and size in the spinal erector muscles of the lower back. Deadlifting involves many muscle groups in addition to the lower back. You'll also hit your quadriceps, hamstrings, and upper back. When you perform the deadlif you must avoid rounding your lower back, instead keeping it arched as much as possible when bending forward at the hips. Use chalk or wrist straps for a strong grip on the bar and use an underhand grip with one hand and an overhand grip with the other. Squat down and use your leg muscles to get the weight off of the floor. You them use your lower back muscles to get to a standing position before lowering the weight in a controlled manner and repeating.

Another exercise to do for the best lower back workouts is the good morning. To do this exercise properly you start out with a barbell on your upper back like you do when doing squats. Then you bend your upper body forward without rounding the lower back and raise back up to a standing position. Start off with very light weight when you start performing good mornings to avoid getting injured. It doesn't take much weight for this lower back exercise to be effective.

The hyperextension is also one of the most important exercises to perform during the best lower back workout routines. Most gyms have a specially made bench that will allow you to do hyperextensions. These benches will allow you to lie face down either at an angle or parallel to the floor with your hips supported so you can lower your upper body towards the floor. Like with other lower back exercises, you'll want to avoid rounding your lower back when performing hyperextensions. When you do this exercise, you should do sets for high reps with no or very little added weight.

It's very important that you don't overdo it with the weight amount of weight you use or the amount of training you do when you perform the above exercises. The best lower back workout routines should have you gradually gaining strength with causing an injury.

Setting Up A Lower Back Workout Routine

As with any other muscle group, if you make regularly changes to the best lower back workout routines you won't be as likely to hit a plateau. There aren't very many major lower back exercises, but the muscles do assist on many exercises for other muscle groups. Since you can't change the exercises you do much, you can switch the amount of reps you do to keep your muscles guessing. This means that you should try a light, medium, and heavy workout routine for your lower back to avoid hitting a plateau.

You have to be aware of when to perform the top lower back workout routines. This is one muscle group that you don't want to be sore when you train it or when you train your upper back or quadriceps. Because of this you are best off training your lower back during the same workout as you train your upper back or quads and avoid training it the day before training either of these muscles.

I personally prefer to train the lower back with legs as you use most of the same muscles when you squat and deadlift. Many trainers don't like doing those 2 during the same workout, but as long as you don't do a ton of sets for either exercise it seems to work fine.

Sample Lower Back Workout Routine

Light Weight - High Rep Lower Back Workout
1-2 sets of deadlifts for 8-12 reps
1-2 sets of good mornings for 15-20 reps
1-2 sets of hyperextensions for 15-20 or more reps

Medium Weight - Medium Rep Lower Back Workout
2-3 sets of deadlifts for 5-8 reps
1-2 sets of good mornings for 10-15 reps
1-2 sets of hyperextensions for 10-15 reps

Heavy Weight - Low Rep Lower Back Workout
3-5 sets of deadlifts for 1-5 reps
1-2 sets of good mornings for 8-10 reps
1-2 sets of hyperextensions for 10-15 reps

Proper Deadlift Form


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      3 years ago

      I'm impressed by your writing. Are you a professional or just very kneelodgwable?

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      3 years ago

      Kick the tires and light the fires, problem ofcliiafly solved!

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      3 years ago

      Aerobic exercise using light wteghis, if any weight at all .. Things like stairsteppers and arc trainers are great because you can add resistance to burn more calories and not get so exhausted trying to pound them out running . also circuit training . light weight repititions done using free wteghis or machines . focus on like a 30 second on, 30 second off routine and switch machines often adding lean muscle increases your basic metabolic rate, which is how many calories you burn just by being alive ..References :


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