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Best Nutrition and Weight Loss Advice/Tips for Busy Bee Employees

Updated on March 29, 2016

Fitness is critical to one’s health, especially for someone who spends most of his/her time in office or at work.

It’s a proven fact that working 8-10 hours on a desk everyday takes heavy toll on bodies causing great stress, headaches, back aches, joint aches and even heart problems. Juggling between employment, health and exercise can be hard and it won’t be long before your belly starts pouring outwards. -Therefore, it is important to keep a check on things that ARE in your control, like diet and nutrition. If you don’t get much time during working hours, it is important that you squeeze 15-30 min daily, out of your busy schedule, for a quick workout before or after working hours. Hit the gym before or after you enter the office, or do some light cardio exercises during your break.

Let’s begin with some nutrition/weight loss tips for office goers.

Balanced Diet is Compulsory

With a 9-5 job sitting at an office desk, it becomes even more important that you eat foods that contain a mixed and balanced diet to keep yourself fit and healthy. Fruits and vegetables, fish, eggs, fresh milk, beans, nuts, high-fiber grains and cereals are the essential ingredients for a healthy diet.

Avoid Piling on Kilos

Due to lack of movement and excessive eating during working hours, there is a tendency to pile up kilos in a short period of time. This can also lead to serious heart problems, risking the chance of heart attack and increased blood pressure etc.

Remember, it is easy to put on weight but a lot harder to get rid of it. If you’re smart, stop your unhealthy routine right now and start working towards a healthy lifestyle, one baby-step at a time. Pace yourself. Don’t not try to lose too much weight too quickly, try to lose 0.5 kg to 1 kg per month. If you intend on more than 10 kilos, set a target of 10-12 months to achieve your goal.

Say No to Dieting - Focus on Low-Fat Diet

It’s a misconception that dieting help lose weight. It is equally wrong when people start taking slimming pills or turn to other unhealthy quick-fix ways. These unhealthy measures might achieve quick results but can be very harmful in the long run.

Your body needs nutrition it to properly function. Another disadvantage is that when you stop dieting, your body starts to gain weight rapidly, sometimes getting even heavier than before, storing up fats instead.

Diet pills can be also harmful with some serious side effects such as depression, anxiety, palpitations, dehydration, diarrhea, and insomnia etc. So NO.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Drink about 4-8 glasses of water during working hours every day. It helps you stay hydrated. Also you cannot compare water with other liquids such as coffee, tea, carbonated drinks, and juices. In fact these mentioned drinks are not good for your health and should be avoided at all costs. Set a reminder in your mobile to drink a glass of water after every hour or so. If you don’t have access to clean water, you can bring water bottle to your workplace from home.

Don’t Skip Meals

Skipping a meal in order to lose weight is not a good idea. Instead try to eat frequently in shape of small snacks. Also breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and skipping it can be very unhealthy.

Here is an example of a good nutritional diet plan:

(click column header to sort results)
Nutrient Focus  
Food Example  
Protein, Carbohydrate & ‘healthy’ fats
Fruit, cereal, toast, Poached eggs, yoghurt, and low fat milk
Carbohydrate, Protein & ‘healthy’ fats
Pasta, bread, rice, salad, Tuna, lean meat
Carbohydrates, Protein
Vegetables, fruit, Fish, chicken
Snacks before & after training
Carbohydrate Before training / Carbohydrate, Protein after training
Fruit, bagel, Jaffa cakes, Lucozade Sport Body Fuel Bar / Lucozade Sport Recovery Bar, nuts, seeds, low fat milkshake, cereal

Final Thoughts

While working long hours in offices, people often sacrifice the most important thing, their health. It not only results in poor performance but also shortens your life itself. You can fix this by eating healthy and devoting just 20 – 30 mins of regular exercises.

Eat a balanced diet that includes carbohydrates, proteins, and healthy fats. These can be found in pasta, rice, fruits, vegetables, fish, olive oil, dairy products and avocado. Besides food, you must try to stay hydrated and not lose weight quickly, which can affect both your mind and body.


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