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Best Salsacise DVDs

Updated on March 30, 2008

There are loads of perfectly good exercise DVDs out there, and I'm sure each of them can get you buns of steel -- if you use them. The trouble with so many of them is how incredibly frigging boring they become after the first time using them. Sure, if you're fanatical about getting into shape, that won't bother you, and you'll be one of those beach babes we all love to cast evil looks at during the summer.

If you're like me, however, you're already content with your body, and will only go the whole nine yards if the activity is interesting. I've tried TaeBo and the usual Cheerleader-esque workouts, but they just didn't motivate me. I'd nearly given up on finding the perfect exercise DVD until last winter, when I discovered Salsacise.

It's exactly what it sounds like; aerobics and salsa dancing mixed together. It's FABULOUS for your inner and outer thighs, and also your bum. In fact, you should ease into it, cos the effects can sneak up on you the next day.

Of course, salsacise is only as good as you want it to be -- I happen to have a strong need to shake my booty when I hear salsa, and I never get tired of hearing it -- which means I don't get bored with the DVD. If you're like that as well, these DVD's could make you beach-ready in no time.

Crunch Cardio Salsa

This DVD is from Giselle Roque de Escobar. It's Region 1 (US/CAN) and has a 60 minute run time. The session is divided into 6 sections, so you can fwd through or rewind those you want to pass or get more involved in. It's moderate, you will be able to walk the next day, but as with anything, get to know the routine before you overdo it.

Cost: $10.99

Dance Off the Inches

Dance Off the Inches: Sizzlin Salsa stars Stella Sandoval. It's Region 1 (US/CAN) and the run time is 60 minuntes. They say you only need to understand 10 basic moves to really make the most of this workout, and it helps to have someone so happy and energetic showing you how; there is actually a lengthy segment where Sandoval goes over each step with you, to help you along. Moderate impact level.

Cost: $12.99

Tracy Shaw's Salsacise

This is a UK made salsacise DVD, so if you're in the US or CAN, make sure you have a region-free DVD player before you order. This is a PAL DVD and is Region 2. Tracy Shaw is a UK television star and presenter -- she's not an exercise guru by trade. But the instructor she has on here (male) is very cool and very fun to watch as he dances with her. It's a fantastic workout, believe me; and the music is totally fantastic. The total runtime is 70 minutes. Moderate impact level.

Cost: $33


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