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Best Strategies on How to Stop Eating Junk Food

Updated on September 12, 2014

Staying Away from Junk Food

How to Stop Eating Junk Food

Do you like potato chips? Can't get enough chocolate? I know, we've all been there. Me - I've been really into chocolate lately. One thing I have learned over the years is that moderation is a good thing when it comes to junk food. If you can't eat it once and a while and you appear to be addicted, staying away from it entirely, at least until you get yourself under control, is the way to do it.

Strategies for Staying Away from Junk Food

We’re in such a rush these days that fast food lines and sweets have become
to us as a microwave is to our cooking – a quick fix. How to stop eating junk
food will require a thorough understanding with determination and discipline
to implement a better and healthier plan of action.

You have a choice.

Once you start eating things like pizza, burgers, fries and a hot fudge
sundae with extra fudge (no nuts) for dessert, it’s not so easy to stop eating
them, because they taste so good! But, you have to make a choice and
figure out what you need to do when learning how to stop eating junk food.

Our bodies are created to function with a healthy fuel and clean oil like a car,
but it only comes from eating healthier foods like fresh fruit and vegetables.
Junk foods are like the dirt and chemicals that contaminate oil in a car, but
healthy foods give energy, health and help to promote longevity of life.

How to stop eating junk food – substituting sweets.

Let’s face it, we all share the desire to have that piece of chocolate, coconut
or cherry pie instead of having an apple, orange or other piece of fruit for a
snack. Once in a while is okay, and it’s not to say we should never eat these
foods, but it’s all in moderating what we do eat.

So, instead of eating ice cream or cherry pie, fresh strawberries, raspberries
and/or blueberries with whipped cream will satisfy your sweet desires and
give you energy for a more optimized immune system in your body to
regulate health, strength and protect us from viruses, toxins and more – it’s
the core to our health.

My Favorite Alternative Snacks

What else can you do? I thought I would share with you some of my favorite alternative snacks.

Well, you could change the in-between snacks from chips, donuts and cake to
pretzels, apples with cinnamon or a fruit salad with your favorite fruits.

Carrots with ranch dressing (three-cheese – my favorite) and celery sticks
with peanut butter give you something to nibble on while working or
watching your favorite TV show.

For me, I know I need to avoid potato chips, french fries, and chocolate bars. To do this, I make healthier substitution. For the chips and fries, I eat a baked potato instead. For the chocolate, I drink some hot chocolate. It seems to do the trick.

Healthy Junk Food Recipe - Kale Chips Recipe

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    • whoisbid profile image

      whoisbid 6 years ago

      My moods swing and when I feel like crap I sometimes eat crap. I need to ways to feel better about things. I am just being honest. I have a lot of stress and it was nice to come here to think about the rubbish I have been eating and ways to stop doing it too often