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Best Treatments for Bone Fractures

Updated on May 29, 2011

Fracture Treatments

Bone fractures are not only painful but they can also leave a very negative effect on your life . Fractures are usually caused because of direct impact and collision of the body in an accident.

Although bones are one of the most strong things on earth if you see if from weight to strenght ration. Bones are basically made of two minerals - calcium & phosphorus.

In this article, I want to tell you how you can ensure fastest recovery of broken bones. But before going into bone fracture treatments, let’s discuss healing of broken bones.

The process of broken bone treatment

Although, bone fracture healing is a natural and automatic process but there are also many ways using which, bone fracture can be be cured quickly than normal rate.

You must know about immobilization of the limb with the aid of a cast. Before the use of cast that, a broken bone can be restored back to its original position by reduction method. Until there are no multiple bone fractures, one can avoid severe surgeries.

It's advisable that x-ray reports are checked carefully. The subject undergoing healing of the broken bone must avoid heavy load on fracture bone and dependent body parts. Also he/she must not use the limb to the fullest.

Physical therapies are also very important for bone fracture rehabilitation after the bone is joined.

Second way of treating broken bones is surgical in nature. In this method, use of internal fixation is needed with the help of medical wires, pins and plates to reattach fractured bone. Metal rods can also be used to join and even support fractured bones. Talking about support, external fixtures can also be used to support the broken limb from outside.

How bone fracture treatment works?

As mentioned earlier, fracture healing time can vary from individual to individual. Fracture healing is basically two broken bone parts joining with fresh deposition of calcium and other essential minerals. Additionally. callus also gets deposited and it eventually turns into actually bone. This new bone slowly and gradually gains strength.

Rest is critical

Complete rest is critical. Healing duration of a fractured bone also depends a lot on the amount of rest given to the limb. Additionally, healing time can be decreased dramatically with proper substitution of calcium and other required minerals from diet.

Please note that Surgical procedure don't effect the healing process. Surgery only puts the two broken bones together at the right place so that natural healing process may start. After surgery, healing time can be decreased with few bone fracture medications found in Ayurveda.

Effect of Age on Bone Fracture healing

Patient's age plays a critical role in fracture recovery wherein it's faster in kids as compared to elder people. Having said that bones of elder people are stronger and are less prone to fractures as compared to kids whose bones are still in consolidation phase.

Talking about sexes, women bone healing power is lower and slower as compared to men. This is because of  menstrual cycle wherein the calcium is lost and thus requirement of calcium is more and the supply is less thereby slowing down the bone healing process.

Prevention of Bone Fracture

Can bone fracture be prevented. No! It can't be prevented but chances of bone fracture can be reduced by strengthening the bones so that it has enough strength to take on impacts.The best way however, is to be careful and stay away from all the dangerous activities that can cause fracture. If your life style demands lots of physical activities like sports or stunts, use proper safety equipments.

You can also also use herbal supplements to boost bone healing process in case accident happens after all precaution.


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      madhab 3 years ago

      My tibia frqctured and its nailing how much time have to rest??? And what is the prevention of??? This big toy is moving but not coming above but all fingure are coming so is it dengerious??????

    • profile image

      Chetan Kumar 4 years ago

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      Abhishek Ghosh 5 years ago