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Best Ways To Become Healthy

Updated on August 2, 2013

Focusing on taking care of your body and working on becoming healthy is one of the best things you can do to make you feel good and boost your esteem. When you feel great about yourself, you’ll be more productive in whatever you do. Becoming healthy requires determination and hard work but it’s possible for anyone, especially if you terribly desire to be fit. It’s not a temporary objective. It’s not becoming skinny. Skinny and healthy/fit are two different items.

Becoming healthy is a lifestyle change that you’re willing to make and keep on going with. Below is a list of the best ways to become healthy. I’m not claiming to be an expert in health but these are ways I have figured out and realized work. I’ve found they are best helpful when done all together.

1.) Exercise 5-6 Days a Week

One of the best ways to become healthy is to exercise 5-6 days a week. When you exercise 5-6 days a week, you can switch up your routine or activities. You are not restricted to keeping a rigid schedule in exercising. If you want to, you can exercise once or many times a day. Cardio is usually the best if you need to lose some weight and burn calories. Just remember to have fun! To keep exercising from feeling like a chore or a bore, focus on cardio or activities that interest and excite you.

2.) Eat Healthy Foods and Meals

Another one of the best ways to become healthy is to eat healthy foods and meals. Eating healthy foods and meals can be easy if you really pay attention to the types of foods you eat and how they are prepared. When you purchase something, pay attention to the nutrition label, including the ingredients. Be careful of artificial ingredients and chemicals. Always try to eat as organic or natural as possible.

Some of the best healthy foods to eat include lots of protein, like chicken (for example: grilled) and fish, fruits, and vegetables. It is great to have the meals cooked with herbs and to take in foods that have antioxidants. If you are a chocolate lover like myself and have a sweet tooth, I recommend having a little bit of dark chocolate when possible. The dark chocolate is closest to the purest and has many antioxidants! Also, make sure to drink lots of water to make sure you are well hydrated. You don’t have to cut down on foods all together to eat healthy. You can love enjoying food and still eat healthy!

3.) Take In Less Calories Than You Burn

The next way to becoming healthy is to take in fewer calories initially than you burn off. If you do that, then you can easily melt away any fat and strive towards portioning your meals to be a healthy portion. After exercising and burning calories, your body will continue to burn calories throughout the day. By taking in fewer calories, you burn those calories off and then some, instead of burning off a fraction of what you take in.

4.) Good Sleep

Getting good sleep is another point in becoming healthy. Just getting a good amount of sleep will burn off calories alone and you will feel well rested to start the day. You will most likely want to eat healthy too because you are well rested. You won’t need to rely on caffeine or junk food to give you a jolt and keep you awake. When are well rested from good sleep, you will less likely snack more, and instead do more of the productive activities you want to be completed.

5.) Become Inspired

Another way to become healthy is to become inspired. Find what foods and activities work for you. Become inspired with what you enjoy and will look forward to doing/eating and that is also healthy. You may create your own recipes that include many natural items that you love. The same goes with when you’re inspired and creative with fitness activities. Inspiration can also come from meditation. When you meditate, your mind becomes clear and inspiration can flow easily. When you are inspired, you will most likely enjoy those activities and meals.

6.) Find Your Comfortable Healthy Weight

The next way to become healthy is to find your comfortable healthy weight. Find out the range that is supposed to be good and healthy for your height and age, and work towards that healthy weight goal. Being your comfortable healthy weight is also being comfortable in your skin. The more comfortable and healthier you feel, the healthier you’ll be and look. To look and be the best, make yourself feel the best size you can be for yourself.

7.) Love Yourself

The last and final way to become healthy is to love yourself - plain and simple. When you love yourself, you feel good about yourself. Then when you feel good about yourself, you can easily become healthy. In addition, when you love yourself, you’re more comfortable with your active activities and healthier foods, and you’ll want to keep up with the good feelings.

The ways above are the best ways to strive for, in order to become healthy. Becoming healthy should not be and is not a temporary sacrifice. It is a journey and a decision to make a lifestyle change to benefit you. You are the one with the one body and it is up to you alone to treat it the way it wants to be treated. Your mind, body, and soul want to be happy and healthy – let it and embrace it. All of the ways I’ve mentioned above work best together, and when you love yourself and give what you give your body, you can become the healthier you you’ve always desired to be.

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© 2013 Alyssa Scheidemann


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