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Best Ways To Get Pregnant Fast - Top Pregnancy Conception Methods

Updated on August 14, 2017

There are so many ways to get pregnant out there both naturally and medically, and if you are just starting out your journey to get pregnant you might not know where to start.

So let's start with the basics:

The following outlines the best way to determine your ideal method of conception, for both you and your partner.

Providing that nothing is preventing you falling pregnant, it should be a quick way to determine when in your cycle is the best time to try for a baby. However if these methods fail, then feel free to read more fast ways to get pregnant to see what worked for me.

Top 5 Tips to Getting Pregnant

#1 - Find out at what part of your cycle you ovulate. A lot of people just say you ovulate 14 days after you experience a period. While this might happen in some people, everyone's bodies are different - some people have 25 or 35 day cycles, which is far different than the 28 day cycle that schedule demands.

The best way to find out when you ovulate and which days would be ideal for baby making is to use charting software. You can do this yourself of course but it's much easier to do it online or with some of the newer apps.

When I was charting I used Fertility Friend since it's charting software is free and actually pretty good. Plus you can show other people as well so they can comment on whether they think this is your month or not.

Ditch The Coffee. You, not him.

#2 - No more caffeine for you during the month. If you have caffeine in your system, the vaginal environment can become more acidic hurting any sperm, and even if you did manager to conceive the odds are higher that you'll miscarry. That includes cola drinks, tea and coffee (and even some chocolate!). A small amount can't hurt too much, but try and avoid it around the time you ovulate just to be sure.

Of course that isn't the same for your partner who, research has shown, can actually BENEFIT from caffeine drinks during baby making since it can 'wake up' the sperm making them faster.

I guess it works the same on them as it does on us!

Help The Sperm Find It's Way

#3 - Have sex at the appropriate times - if you know when you're going to ovulate, have sex two or three days beforehand, so that the sperm is there and ready to go when you finally do ovulate.

#4 - Once you're finished, hold your legs up for the next half hour and don't stand up; that could lead to the sperm leaking out.

Yeah it looks silly. But you want to help those guys get where they are going.

You could even do the 'bicycle' movement with your legs in the air which some women say helps move them along.

Oh and other little tip. If you can orgasm while the sperm is in there the cervix will help pull the sperm closer up the uterus. Win win!

#5 - Acknowledge the state of your cervical mucus if you really want to know whether or not you can get pregnant. Your fertility can be determined easily through determining the state of your cervical mucus, which is something you may not have known. Your mucus will be dry right before you start ovulating; it'll start looking like egg whites when you're ready to have a baby. Once you experience this, you'll know what to do next!


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    • profile image


      4 years ago from Australia

      thanks for the guidance ,definitely will give it a try to your mentioned ways

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      hey, i been trying for the past nine year to get pregnant i did any way am getting married in two months what to do am 39 year old he is 32 year old please help me thank you.


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