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How can Nature Help us in Relaxing

Updated on January 29, 2015

Nature has created us. It nurtures us, heals us, and gives us everything we need to sustain a balanced and beautiful life in its comfortable lap. Our current life-style and civilization has brought us much far apart from the nature's love and care. Though nature still supports us. Following are various ways in which I feel, you can embrace Mother Nature:

1) Plant a seed near your vicinity, wherever it is possible. If you are staying in an apartment, which is located on 5th floor, you can still bring a flower pot and plant a sapling.

2) Lay down on the grass or on the terrace(if that is possible), and look at the sky. Check the clouds and notice the shapes they form. I personally love to look up at the night sky, staring at moon and stars for hours. It gives an immense peace and happiness to my mind and soul.

3) If possible, go and try to take a short afternoon nap under the shade of a tree.

4) Hug a tree - As a kid, I really loved it. My childhood was spent in the woods of Himachal Pradesh, and I simply loved doing this. I still do and believe me, it is the most wonderful feeling of peace and warmth, you can have!! :D

5) Catch a toad, whisper what your heart wants, to it while holding it in your hands. Release it - Well, I never told anything to the toads I used to catch, when I was a kid. But, yes I surely remember catching them and then releasing them on the water surface. I loved to see the patterns and movements they used to create, while being in water. Please be careful in this activity, and don't harm them. I love animals and my intention is not to torture any of the beings, whatsoever.

6) Go for a walk in the rain. If possible, go without umbrella. I remember, when I was in New York, I used to go out for walk, whenever it would rain. I simply loved the sizzling water droplets jumping on the road surface. They look extremely beautiful and imitated white pearls, when dropped on the solid surface.

7) Own an aquarium. If you don't want to take the burden to maintain it, you can check whether you have any nearby lake or pond. There might be some fishes or ducks there. Take some slices of bread, go there and feed them. I particularly love feeding fishes, especially when I drop a bigger slice of bread and they all come in a bunch, snatch their part of food and then disperse, all done in a moment.

8) Take a deviation to the children's park on your way to home while coming back from work. Get out of your car and go to the swing sets. Just swing as high as you can. Getting back to the childhood just releases every bit of tension you might have acquired whole day in office, and brings you closer to the Nature and its delights. I used to do it, when I was in New York, since a Children Park was placed just near to my home. And there were swings, which could hold my weight! Just feel the wind and pleasure from a child's heart.

You'll love it.


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