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Best weight loss technique ever - 15 minutes a day will shed 1-3 pounds a week

Updated on May 20, 2011
My cheap walmart bike
My cheap walmart bike

How 15 minutes a day can change your life

You do not have to workout hours and hours a day to lose weight.  That's right, as little as 10-15 minutes a day of increased heart rate can change your life.  Your body, does an amazing thing when you regularly exercise, it will burn more calories and feel the healthy effects all day long, not just during your workout.

Exercise benefits

  • Exercise makes you drink more water (most people eat, when they are really thirsty).
  • Calories are being burned even after you are done with the workout.
  • Exercise Increases muscle strength (muscle burns more calories than fat).
  • Excercise off sets extra calories that you consume in a day (eliminates guilt eating).
  • Exercise makes you feel good about yourself (eliminates self loathing eating).
  • Your body gets use to it, and therefore you start burning calories sooner during the workout.
  • As you get stronger, your workouts burn more calories
  • Exercise helps you sleep better (most people eat to get energy when they are tired).

Where to find 15 more minutes a day

All you have to do is Exercise for 15 minutes continuous everyday

(That's it, so simple it works)

Everyone has 15 minutes that is wasted in a day. Either watching TV or playing a video game. Even if you work allot and are too tired, that is not an excuse, due to the fact that exercise gives you energy.

All it takes is 10 minutes to get into a Fat burning zone.  If you stay in the zone for another 5 minutes the effect last all day. Your body gets used to it.  I can guanertee you will feel great that you worked out, and bad if you miss a day.

Please do not think I'm telling you to never skip a day, but you should feel a little guilty if you skip two.

Most of use do not like working out in front of other people and are tired at the end of the day. Please know that there is at least 15 minutes in the day that you consider your "down time",  that you could use as your "up time".  Also, try to make your 15 minutes continuous, but it is OK if you are interrupted, just get back to it and ensure the total time is 15 minutes. You will find this hard at first, but after a while you will notice that 20 minutes went by and you forgot to stop working out. The goal is to make exercise part of your daily routine.

Be Fit not just Thin

There are very thin people in this world that are not fit. Some have more fat on them than someone twice their weight.

There are many websites and spreadsheets that will allow you to enter the information and get results for free, so there is no need to buy expensive products to measure your %.

If you still have excuses after reading this please comments so that I can help.

Please comment or let me know if you have a question I'd love you help you on your journey.

Do I have to go to the GYM?

A little bit about gym memberships or clubs. It is great if you have a good place to go and have time allocated, not to mention the cost. The gym is definitely a place that you can use the best equipment.  Sometimes the gym can be a crutch for you, due to the time to drive to and from, cost and convenience. Therefore it is recommend that you just start working out at home.

Statistics show that people that exercise outside of a gym (at home or running) have better long term fitness and health. Most of your weight loss and weight maintenance should come from exercise videos and/or at home equipment.  You can find a lot of cheap or second hand equipment in your local area if you quickly scan the classifieds. So do not let money, space, or time be just another excuse. 

Eating right

OK, you cannot eat snickers all day long and expect 15 minutes to off-set it.  You have to try not eat cookies and all the really bad stuff, but it's okay if it happens on occasion. Don't believe that your food intake has to be perfect if you are exercising regularly.  Just eat smart.  Eat lots of veggies and fruits everyday and the weight will drop off even quicker.

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    • profile image

      anditbegins.. 5 years ago

      i just started this.. 4th day, already 3 pounds down lol ...its a little unreal, but makes me wanna keep on truckin..!

    • notahusker profile image

      notahusker 7 years ago from Kansas

      I personally lost 40 pounds (over 4 months) and was at my fittest after following the plan outlined above. It is so simple and takes away all excuses.