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Beware of New Killer Drug Krokodil

Updated on July 30, 2014

New designer drug eats flesh right off the bone

Krokodil is one of the latest designer drugs to take center stage in the world of cheap street drugs. It is by far a killer drug that is to be avoided at all costs. Krokodil eats the flesh right off the bone of anyone who uses it, making it one of the most dangerous drugs on the street. The average life expectancy for a Krokodil user is two or three years. For the moment Krokodil is confined to Russia mainly because the active ingredient is easily accessible from pharmacies in Russia.

WARNING! Please be advised, the images and videos posted of this drug are extremely graphic in nature.

It great sadness I write this Hub. Understand that I have children and grandchildren and I love people enough to tell the truth concerning drugs, even if it comes across as gruesome. I believe it necessary that I tell this story; it just may save the life of a young person and that is my goal.

Whenever the word “designer” is used in the same sentence with drugs, a loud bell should go off in your head alerting you to trouble, confusion and death. Television ads have implanted a picture of “good” and “top of the line” in the heads of our young people and teens when they hear the word “designer” therefore when they hear the phrase "designer drugs" it is often translated in their minds as "good, top of the line" drugs. However, this is not at all the case with designer drugs.

Young people please, hear me when I tell you that designer drugs can become your worst nightmare, something that you will want to forget. If you ever use a designer drug like Krokodil you will be unable to erase the damage that these so called designer drugs will have caused you.

What is Krokodil?

Krokodil is a cheap homemade drug that is a substitute for heroin. It is called Krokodil because it turns the skin of the user a pale green as the skin begins to mutate changing from skin to scaly looking, just like that of a Crocodile.

The real active ingredient in Krokodil is a chemical called desmorphine. Desmorphine was used as a morphine substitute in 1932. Desmorphine is a synthetic opiate that has a nearly identical structure to heroin, and is 8 to 10 times more potent than morphine.

Codeine is a readily available narcotic which can be easily turned into desmorphine, the active ingredient in Krokodil which is then injected intravenously into the veins of the user. Poor people use Krokodil as a heroin substitute because of its cost which is relatively cheap by comparison. Heroin costs about $150 average per use whereas Krokodil costs $6 to $8 per use. The high produced by a single heroin injection may last eight hours, whereas the high produced by a single injection of Krokodil may last anywhere from one to two hours.

How is Krokodil produced?

To produce Krokodil codeine must be transformed into desmorphine. The process to transform codeine into desmorphine is a relatively three step process if it is performed in a lab. However, when this transformation process is performed in a kitchen as opposed to being prepared in a lab the kitchen chemist often lack the proper materials, thus substituting the proper needed chemicals with readily available chemicals like gasoline as a solvent, red phosphorus (obtained by removing the striker part of matchboxes and then soaking it in gasoline) iodine, and hydrochloric acid as reactants to extract desmorphine from codeine tablets.

When the production process of krokodil is completed the finished product is a liquid that is orange in color. The actual chemical desmorphine is not as much a problem as how it was derived. Because of the impurity of the finished product, Krokodil takes on the qualities of the flesh eating monster from which it derives its name.

The skin is, in all probability irritated by the hydrochloric acid and gasoline that is still in the orange liquid when it is injected into the blood stream, not to mention the unknown affects that the red phosphorus can have on the skin and body tissue. Once the skin has been damaged at the entry point of the hypodermic needle the area becomes infected and gangrene sets in. Over time the skin begins to peel off, the flesh literally rots and the bone is exposed.

How does Krokodil affect your body?

These photos of Krokodil users are a testimony to the agony of using the drug. I would like to remind you again that these photos are extremely graphic in nature.

Using and withdrawing from heroin is like eating candy compared to using and withdrawing from the insidious drug Krokodil. Like heroin, Krokodil is injected directly into a vein which means it immediately enters the bloodstream and goes straight to the brain. If by chance you should miss a vein you immediately get an abscess, so in most cases Krokodil users are injecting this deadly poisonous mixture directly into their flesh.

Over time this toxic mixture of flesh eating poison causes the skin and flesh to deteriorate, killing the nerves and leaving absolutely no feeling in the area of deterioration while parts near the infected area are very much alive with pain.

Withdrawal from Krokodil is equally as painful because the pain of withdrawal is often unbearable and can last for up to one month, as compared to heroin withdrawal in which the main symptoms of withdrawal lasts for five to ten days. Although there is still a very great possibility of relapse however, the physical pain is no longer present. With Krokodil the pain is often so great that users have to be injected with extremely strong tranquilizers to keep them from passing out from the pain.

In addition to the pain, anyone who uses Krokodil has the unbearable and overwhelming stench of iodine that is ever present with them. It is in their clothes, their dwelling place and there is absolutely no way of getting rid of that horrible smell.

My personal plea to young people

I am a twelve year veteran ex-crack cocaine addict, clean now for almost twenty years. In all my days of powder snorting, pill popping, crack and pot smoking, I never dreamed of using such a hideous drug as Krokodil to get high. It is unbelievable that anyone would inject gasoline, phosphorus, iodine and hydrochloric acid into their body for the sake of getting high, but it does happen.

Young people please, hear me when I tell you that designer drugs can become your worst nightmare, something that you will want to forget. If you ever use a designer drug like Krokodil you will be unable to erase the damage that these so called designer drugs will have caused you. No high is worth the trouble.


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    • profile image

      randy piglet penis 2 years ago

      Its orange pink color

    • profile image

      Melissa 2 years ago

      what color is it ?and is it here in the U.S ?

    • ericdunbar profile image

      Eric Dunbar 3 years ago from New Orleans

      Krokodil has a blueish hue, but it is doubtful that it could pass for heroin. Anyone who uses heroin would know the difference. I was a crack addict; I couldn't be fooled.

    • profile image

      sheryl 3 years ago

      What color does this drug come in. Ive had some blue herion from two different people lately just curious if its related to krokodil

    • ericdunbar profile image

      Eric Dunbar 4 years ago from New Orleans

      I agree OMFG... even if it prevents one person from using this drug it is worth spreading the news. Thanks for stopping by.

    • Bishop55 profile image

      Rebecca 4 years ago from USA

      OMFG! this is awful. I've never even heard of this drug. I think it's great that you've written this hub, even if it just prevents one person from using this stuff.

    • ericdunbar profile image

      Eric Dunbar 5 years ago from New Orleans

      I wish I could tell you that these photos were not real, but they are! People will doo amazing and unthinkable things to get high. I was once addicted to crack cocaine and I saw people do the most debilitating things for a high. That is why I have committed my life to telling the raw truth about drugs. Thanks for dropping by and spread the news; perhaps you might change someone’s mind about their addiction.

    • Missing Link profile image

      Missing Link 5 years ago from Oregon

      I'm kinda sorry I opened this hub if you know what I mean. I can't believe people would do something like this---really? I was reading about "meth mouth" awhile back---also disgusting but this is worse. I stopped the video about 20 seconds into it. Please tell me this isn't for real---that these are doctored photos, video, etc.