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Biblical Healing

Updated on November 11, 2011

It is amazing to know how our desires, emotions and feelings have influence on every living cell in our body system. Psychology or psychosomatic disorder is a condition in which anxiety or emotion produces dysfunction or structural damage in body organs through inappropriate activation of the involuntary nervous system and the glands of internal secretion.

It is even more amazing to see the Word of God soothing and healing our emotion; as blood supplies nutrients to the body, so the word of God gives nutrients to the soul. No wonder, Job declared thus: 'I have not departed from the commandment of His lips, I have treasured the Word of His mouth more than my necessary food' - Job 23:12

The psychosomatic symptom emerges as a physiological concominant of an emotional state. In the case of anger for example, the angry man's blood pressure is likely to be elevated and his pulse and respiratory rate to be increased. If the man has a chronic rage, the emotional state remains unchanged and the physiology symptom associated with anger persists. With time, such a man becomes aware of his physiological dysfunction.

As much as I do not want to go into many medical terminologies in this hub, it is important to prove a point; that emotional induced illnesses may affect any part of the body, although they are usually found in the system not under voluntary control.

The kind of situation and thought that produces personal disturbances are of interest to God and that is the major concern of this writing. Without opening the door of your heart to the knocking of your environment, no psychosomatic disorder or demonic affliction can take place in your human body. 'A merry heart does good like medicine, but a broken spirit dries the bones' - Proverbs 17:22

It has been noted that bodily reaction to stress takes expression in cardiovascular disorder. Among others, emotional induced gastro - intestinal disorder may lead to anorexia, obesity, constipation and diarrhea. Migraine and tension headache, pelvic pain, ganglion cyst and many others may occur due to excess pressure in the nerves. Unforgiveness and thirst for vengeance may easily activate rashes, skin irritations and inflammation (Neurodermatosis).

When Adam deviated from the word of God, sickness came in as part of the curse which resulted from disobeying God. However, the obedience of Jesus Christ, even to the cross, has ushered in healing for all mankind, as part of salvation process: 'He heals the broken hearted and binds up their wounds' - Psalm 147:3 - This indicates that to every emotional torment, there is a resultant physiological wound or sore; confirming some of the earlier stated medical condition.

Healing is the restoration of health commonly called cure via the sovereignty of God by prayer based on His word, medication, deliverance, etc. Salvation is God's rescue of the entire person, while healing is God's complete repair of the person. That is why in most cases, healing always follows salvation.

'I am the LORD who heals you' - Exodus 15:26 - Jehovah Ropheka is the hebrew name of God that relates to healing. Rapha means to heal, cure, repair - the hebrew word for Doctor. Reading medical advice or counsel from the pages of our bible is not only exciting, it shows God's power to restore broken homes, renew broken hearts, rejuvenates broken lives, most especially repair broken bodies and relationships.

Besides cases of accidents of any kind, I am pleased to inform you that God has created you to live your life to full, and to sleep in good old age (Genesis 15:15). Every cells, ligaments, tendons, muscles, veins and arteries in your body have been so wired round you to carry out this divine decree - long life!

In the light of this, you have to do your part very well and pay attention to the bible counsels summarised thus: 'Above all else, guard your affections, for they influence everything else in your life' - Proverbs 4:23

Preparing the Bride,

Segun Tewogbola


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