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Big bullies

Updated on April 16, 2012

Stop bullying me around...

I don’t care what you’re doing, did, or have done, or whom you are doing it with, unless I am directly involved. What you and others are doing in the privacy of your own home or within the confounds of your own environment or life, is not of any concern or business of mine. Are you are so uninteresting, and or uneducated, that your idea of a ‘conversation’ is discussing other people and other people’s business, and what they are doing or what is going on in their lives? If so, read a book, watch the news, and write your own soap opera/novella, Lord knows you can, because you are all about drama. After all, no one talks more shit or can stir up drama the way that you and your family can and does.

Maybe this is just me and my family, but there are always those members that cannot seem to resist talking about someone…everyone, weighing in, judging, offering up their opinions, and ‘insight’, and unsolicited ‘advice’, as to what is going on in everyone else’s lives, homes, relationships, choices, decisions, etc. and what they would do, or what they think should be done or said. What they don’t know, they make up, what they do know, is their version, and while they may feel entitled to express themselves and their opinions to anyone and everyone, those of us that they are talking about or ‘discussing’ are entitled to our own lives and our own opinions as well. My life and my choices and what I am doing, saying, how I am living, and what I am doing and with whom, is not of any concern or business of yours, or anyone else’s for that matter.

Obviously, I have no problem putting myself out there or putting myself on blast, but that does not mean that gives me the right to do that to others, especially those members of my own family. This is so high school, so petty, so ridiculously grade school and juvenile, I just cannot and will not participate or stand idly by and listen to it. You want gossip, drama, and ‘intrigue’, look around, there is no shortage of it. This world is consumed and inundated with it, between rag mags, and tabloids, reporting on everyone and anyone, why not discuss or converse that, or them, or anything else, versus throwing your own family members ‘under the bus’?

There has been so much focus and talking about ‘bullying’ amongst teens and their peers, and how damaging and hurtful it is, perhaps because our children are seeing and hearing it take place within the confounds of their own family, and amongst their own family members…one cannot help but see the wisdom in the saying, “children learn what they live.” Maybe the real question is, how are you living?

Some of the worst things ever said to me or about me or done to me has been by a family member or members, not sure if that says a whole lot about how screwed up I am or how screwed up they are, or maybe I am just that much more interesting than they are. More likely, especially in accordance to my family, it is how screwed up I am, which of course, you will get no argument from me on that point. I am aware enough, and capable enough and honest enough to admit, recognize, and discuss just how fundamentally screwed up I am, I don’t need anyone, namely my own family, to point it out. I just don’t see how it concerns them, or anyone else, for that matter... What business is it of yours/theirs, or anyone else’s what I am doing or how I am living?

If you are so perfect, wise, and all knowing, then why not use that ‘knowledge’ for good and discuss something relevant and important…like how it came to happen that you, in all your wisdom and perfectly perfect self, attained the position of judging and passing judgment on anyone. Because the last time I checked, there’s only one person I have/had to answer to for my actions, and it isn’t you. They say that for every finger we point at others there are ten more pointing back at us…Well, speaking for me and on behalf of myself, let me just say, for anyone and everyone, family member or not, pointing your finger at me, I got only one finger for you, and it is pointed in only one direction-straight up.


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