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Triple Your Weight Loss By Dieting with XLS Fat Binders

Updated on August 20, 2013

Introduction to XLS

The internet abounds with all manner of pills, tablets and diets that claim they can help you to lose weight. The truth is that many of these claims are based on thin air, and don't have the credible backing to prove that they are a valid and reliable method for helping you shed those excess pounds.

One type of weight loss treatment that is currently available is called "XLS Medical" which is termed as a 'fat binder'. Basically the product works by acting as a catalyst, accelerating the benefits that you see from consuming a healthier diet and also taking exercise. It is not a magic pill whereby you can eat what you want and never do any exercise. Quite the contrary, it will boost (in fact triple - according to this study) the weight loss that dieting and exercise can generate.

XLS Medical is available in a range of pack sizes for different lengths of 'treatment'.
XLS Medical is available in a range of pack sizes for different lengths of 'treatment'.

What is a 'Fat Binder' and How Does it Work?

XLS Medical includes an active ingredient that is actually derived from cactus leaves. It's called 'Litramine', and the product works by binding fat molecules together to make a bundle of fat and fibre that is simply too large for the intestine to absorb. Additionally, it also releases a range of fat soluble vitamins (A, D and E) that are absorbed to provide additional benefits.

  • The product has been proven to bind up to 27% of all of the fat that you consume in your food. This is backed by the clinical study that was undertaken by Grube B., P.W. Chong, K.Z. Lau & H.D. Orzechowski (see link above).
  • One of the problems with any form of diet is transitioning to being able to comfortably eat less. There will inevitably be a period whereby you're hungry as you try to cut down your calories. If you reduce your calorie intake significantly then you may find yourself hungry a lot of the time. XLS also has the benefit of allowing you to feel fuller for longer, through a combination of methods. Firstly it slows down the rate at which your stomach empties (as the fat is binded together), and secondly it reduces the spikes in blood sugar that can occur after eating certain foods.

A Video Showing How XLS Helps you Lose Weight

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How Long Does the Programme Last?

Theoretically you can lose weight with XLS Medical fat binders for as long as you need them, however the product recommends that you start with a twelve week initial program. After the initial 12 weeks if you're BMI tells you that you are still within the 'overweight' or 'obese' categories then you can continue to take the fat binders until you are back within the 'normal' weight category.

The results really are quite impressive, to put it into context for every pound that you are able to lose through a normal calorie reduced diet, the product will help you shed three more! It seems like a great way to maximise the benefits of a calorie controlled diet and exercise.

A balanced diet is highly important in losing weight, and ensuring you get the right amount of carbs, protein and also fat. You don't just have to eat like a rabbit however, there are so many tasty meal plans out there.
A balanced diet is highly important in losing weight, and ensuring you get the right amount of carbs, protein and also fat. You don't just have to eat like a rabbit however, there are so many tasty meal plans out there.

Quick Tips to Lose Weight

  • Get MyFitnessPal (free!) for the iPhone to track your calories.
  • Drink more water!
  • Measure your portion size.
  • Try to get 30mins of cardio exercise per day.
  • Don't weigh yourself daily, only weekly.

Tips to Help you Reduce Your Calorie Intake

  • Personally, when losing weight I find that the best way that I can keep an eye on the calories is by tracking them with an iPhone / Android app called MyFitnessPal. It's free and has a vast database of foods, so whenever you eat something you just log it in on your phone and it will calculate the amount of calories you have left for the day. This takes exercise into account, and will tell you how your calorie intake target has increased due to any exercise that you have done.
  • Drink lots of water! Not only is it recommended when you're taking the XLS fat binders, but it also helps you in a number of ways. Firstly it will keep you hydrated and make you feel more awake and alert. Secondly it might be useful in staving off hunger pangs without you having to reach for a chocolate biscuit.
  • As a new parent I find that tiredness is one of the major causes of making me want to eat sugary foods that will keep me awake through the day. Having a coffee and a banana is a great combination as the coffee will give you the caffeine boost fairly quickly, and the banana is a healthy snack that will continue to release energy over time.
  • Watch your portion size! If you're just starting dieting then you might not know what is considered a 'normal' portion size. Without knowing it you might be exceeding your calorie allowance simply by filling your plate to full. When you're first starting out on the weight loss adventure, for the first few meals it might be handy to weigh your food so you know exactly how big your portion should be.


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