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Biomagnetic Bracelets - Health with Fashion ?

Updated on September 30, 2010

Magnetic Healing

For thousands of years, magnets have been used for natural healing.We receive magnetic wave energy which is natural and beneficial to our health from non other than mother earth every single day.Using latest technology, jewelers are offering to easy solution for increasing ones well being through magnetic jewelry.

Care and Precautions: Restore finish by using jewelry cloth polisher. Mild soap and water can be used to clean. Any cleaner containing ammonia and chlorine cannot be used.

Life's Magnetic Nature

There are plenty examples of life's magnetic force. Many creatures, such as homing pigeons, butterflies, and bees navigate using Earth’s magnetic field. Even humans can roughly sense magnetic direction. All the abilities like these have been thought to come from a magnetic substance called magnetite, which is there in every tissues like human brain and others. Researchers have found magnetite clusters near the brain’s all-important, magnetically sensitive pineal gland, which secretes hormones affecting the entire body.Not just affected, we also generate these kind of magnetic forces.. For example, scientists can measure the brain and heart’s magnetic fields with instruments called the magnetoencephalograph and magnetocardiogram, respectively. Life’s magnetic potential is so great that we can even defy gravity under the right circumstances. For example, scientists can levitate frogs by using high-intensity magnetic fields. When subjected to such strong fields, spinning electrons within the frog align themselves to cumulatively create a small magnetic field. Like a compass needle repulsed by a bar magnet, the large external field repels the frog’s small field sufficiently to counteract gravity.


Biomagnetic Jewelry

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