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Biometric Gun Safe

Updated on January 10, 2010

Thousands of gun owners are looking for a safe place to store their pistols while still being able to retrieve the contents quickly and easily. That’s where the biometric gun safe comes in. These safes come in many sizes and are made of extremely durable steel. They use biometrics, specifically your unique fingerprint, to allow quick access to the inside, doing away with passwords and other inconveniences. Everyone has a unique fingerprint, which makes it the perfect “pass code” to uniquely identify you. Your thumb is placed on the scanner and registered with the safe’s programming. To open the safe, simply place your finger on the scanner and it will unlock in under a second. Many biometric safes can store more than one fingerprint so you can allow select individuals access.

How It Works

These safes can be powered for about a year on one set of batteries. If you forget to change the batteries, simply use the included power adapter to bring it back online. The safe stores fingerprint information inside a flash memory chip that will not be lost even if power is lost. Digital technology makes it easy to keep track of who’s been tampering with your safe. Some models feature a tamper indicator which informs you of repeated invalid keypad entries. Read on to learn about the features to look for when buying a biometric gun safe.

Multiple Fingerprint Storage

Some biometric safes are capable of storing more than one fingerprint inside its memory. Only with your permission, you can assign fingerprints to people other than yourself. This is done by following the prompts on the LCD screen. Most models are capable of storing a maximum of 30-50 fingerprints. Chances are you won’t need this many at home, but at a place like a gun shop, people can make good use of this function.

Invalid Entry Notification

Even though your guns are safely secure within the safe, it’s good to know if anyone has been trying to get in. Repeated failed attempts to access the safe will be logged in the system for you to view later. If you have children or teens that are a little too curious, you will be able to tell if it’s time to move the safe to a new location. You can set an audio alarm to sound when tampering is detected.

Capacity / Interior

Internal capacity must be considered when buying a biometric gun safe. A safe with under a cubic foot of space may hold 1-2 pistols. Larger units can hold more but get more costly as you go up in size. If you plan on storing more than guns, a safe with multiple shelves inside can also store your valuables. Guns and ammo can be placed in one area, and your valuables in another. Soft foam lining is a must if you have delicate items or simply don’t want to scratch your firearms. An internal courtesy light illuminates the interior once opened so you can see the contents even in the dark.

Bolt Holes

While these safes are sturdy and heavy, a determined individual could simply pick it up and walk away. Consider getting a biometric safe that features bolt holes. These holes are accessed from the inside of the storage box and allow you to mount the safe to a wall using heavy duty bolts. This makes it extremely difficult for thieves to take the safe because the bolts are only accessed from the inside. Wood studs in the wall or concrete flooring makes for a great mounting surface.

LCD Screen

A large backlit LCD screen makes it easy to alter settings, program fingerprints, and view tamper information. Without a screen it can be confusing to change settings quickly.

Product Highlights

Gunvault Minivault Deluxe Gun Safe

Constructed of heavy duty 16-gauge steel, this biometric safe by Gunvault features a precision locking mechanism to prevent tampering. The two shelves inside are covered with soft foam padding to protect your firearms. Access to the safe will be blocked if there are too many repeated failed attempts at access. The no-eyes keypad allows for quick access even in low light situations. The audio prompts can be disabled for extra security by operating in silent mode. Low battery power is indicated by an audio alarm. The system comes with an internal courtesy light for added convenience.

EDM Digital Fingerprint Gun Safe

This gun safe by EDM has a multi-bar hinged door for an impenetrable seal. It can be opened by fingerprint analysis or with the included key. It features a roomy two-shelf interior with foam padding. A backup wall adaptor is included as an extra power source. If the batteries fail, the safe can still be opened with the key. This flexible safe can be used for guns, jewelry, money and other valuables. The hidden hinges prevent manual tampering using crude tools.


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    • bcash profile image

      bcash 7 years ago from Mass

      I also like Locksaf and Barska. They are two more popular and great biometric gun safes