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Understanding Bipolar Disorder

Updated on May 5, 2016

Bipolar disorder (Manic Depression): What it is?

We all face mood swings at times and major reason behind them are the good or bad instances that take place in our daily routine, but if you are suffering from “Bipolar disorder” then the consequences of these mood swings and behaviors can be disastrous and will have bad impact on your personal and professional life as a whole. This variation can directly affect your relationships and the work life balance and can upset your routine. This disorder is scary but still can be treated if sufferer pays attention towards it and takes necessary steps to recover from it.

Avoiding this problem can actually worsen the problem and leave you distressed and troubled. So it is better to recognize the problem by analyzing the problems. The person suffering from Bipolar Disorder goes through constant mood and energy shifts, this disorder is also called as manic depression. The mood keeps on varying and in the extreme cases the same mood persists for days, weeks and even months. These changes impact the person so deeply and interfere with their activities. One of the symptoms of this problem is that a person can feel completely refreshed after taking a sleep of one to two hours and can spend extravagantly or feel like quitting a job or a relation for no reason. While at the other moment one might feel sleepy; concerned about the debts he owes and tensed about what he would do if they were unemployed.

The exact causes of disorder still remain unknown but it has been found that it runs in families and can be hereditary. The disorder starts showing its first symptoms at the teenage usually; people generally fail to recognize the symptoms of it and hence consider such persons as misfit for the society. This disorder is of two types

1). Mania

2). Depression.

Let’s have a look at both of them:

Signs and Symptoms of Mania:

In this type, the sufferer experiences peak moods, he feels energetic and happy. Such people are so overwhelmed that they speak too much and sleep minimal. They feel highly energetic and consider they are extra ordinary and powerful. They usually behave in a very different manner by making inappropriate business investments, their mood varies frequently; they often become short tempered, angry and sometimes aggressive too. The traits are:

Feel extremely heightened, happy, cheerful or extremely aggressive

Minimal sleep

Highly energetic and fast

· Sometimes such people feel unable to concentrate

They keep on fantasizing about things

Signs and Symptoms

Earlier it was considered as simple depression but later it was discovered that those suffering from it often do not get treated with antidepressants. It involves mood swings, sense of impatience and guilt in a person. The sufferers do their tasks slowly and unlike mania the people suffering from it talk in a low tone.



Loss of energy and vigor from life

Feeling of remorse

Excessive sleep

Low concentration power

One thinks about committing suicide

Treatments of Bipolar Disorder

One must go for the treatment when the mood is not bad and they feel stable. Medication is of the utmost importance as it helps in preventing the mood swings, an experienced psychiatrist ought to be consulted. He will help one in coming out of this problem. One also needs to bring a change in his lifestyle and social behavior. One needs various therapies that can help to stay calm and happy. One can also stay educated about this disorder and try techniques that can help in relaxation. Meditation, yoga and massages are some of the ways through which stress can be reduced. One must try and chance the life style by eating healthy food, regular exercises and having sound sleep. All these will help a great deal in alleviating the mood. One can also join a group with similar issues so as to get enough information about the same and to get enough support.

So, all these were some facts about the disorder, one must not ignore the symptoms of it and take timely help from the psychiatrist to prevent further complications.

Impac of Bpola Disorder
Impac of Bpola Disorder | Source
What Bipolar Disorder is?
What Bipolar Disorder is? | Source

Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder
Bipolar Disorder | Source


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    • sunitibahl9 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from India

      thanks Uriel, your comment proved to be a source of great motivation for me

    • Uriel profile image


      7 years ago from Lebanon

      sunitibahl, thank you for sharing this. very informative ! i used to take this issue easily and used to make jokes out of it, but now while reevaluating things and others' sufferings, i don't think any of us would find it something to joke about. Thank you so much , this was an eye opener!


    • sunitibahl9 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from India


    • profile image


      7 years ago

      perfect info thanks

    • suzetteboston profile image


      7 years ago

      Great information, thank you for sharing this with us. I often wondered about bipolar disorder and how it differed from simple depression.


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