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Black Cumin Seed Cure

Updated on June 19, 2017

Black Cumin Seeds

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A Cure For Wellness

Scientific studies have revealed that black cumin seed is a cure for cancer and other diseases. There have been a lot of studies into black cumin seed and the oil extract that has revealed the healing properties of this amazing seeds ability to prohibit cancer cells development which is effective in treating cancer.

The black cumin seed oil is a powerful tool for fighting cancerous organs in the body, The disappointment is that modern medicine doesn't recognize the marvel of a cancer remedy in black cumin seed oil extract and its seeds.

Anyway, I will give you some eye opener revelation into the healing properties or this super food. There were a couple of studies done back in 2011 the Saudi Arabians and the Chinese, works of literature were researched by these scientists to see how cancer responds treatment of cumin seed and its extract, their research revealed that the oil has been used for centuries as a combative source for cancer treatment. Their Revelation also confirms the anti-cancer genetics of the black cumin seed extract which combats a variety of diseases, such as diabetes, asthma, various cancer, cardiovascular, and kidney disease.

Sadly, the exact genetics behind cumin seed is not fully understood how its anti-cancer properties work. The study also revealed the thymoquinone has an antioxidant role strengthening the immune system. The reveal also has dominance over all the cell life in the body, which may be cancerous or healthy.

Scientist in Egypt has studied how honey and black cumin seed extract works when rats are exposed to strong carcinogen due to oxidative stress and cancer. Four groups were designed to and exposed to the carcinogen, some were fed black seed or honey, and only one group fed the combined honey and black cumin seed extract.

After six months the rats were evaluated, the experiment revealed that the rats that only ate the black cumin had only 80% protection due to oxidative stress and cancer, while the group that was fed the combination of honey and black cumin seed had 100% protection against oxidative stress, cancer, and inflammatory responses.

A lab experiment was conducted in Egypt exploring the combined honey and black cumin seed oil response to an antitumor cancer cell on a human liver. The performance of both ingredients for the antioxidant capacity but also their ability to eradicate cancerous cells. The competence of both ingredients revealed capability and viability of reducing cancer cells, which in turn enhances the antioxidant position of cells besides inducing apoptosis which also interferes the uncontrolled cell growth that eliminates liver cancer cells.

I hope this brief insight into the benefits of cumin seed and the extracted oil will be beneficial to your prolonged health. I recommend you develop a habit each morning consuming a pinch of cumin seed. I can assure you that there will be no side effects from a chemical made medicine that you may be taking.

Live long love and laugh.


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