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Blessed with a new birthday

Updated on November 3, 2010
The day after, Mike is moving better than me
The day after, Mike is moving better than me

Well here we are two years later and a new Kidney. I can't say it's been fun, but it sure has opened my eyes to whats important in the living of life.

Two years ago in October my good friend Bob Carlton who owns the local gun shop here in Dawsonville,Ga had a stroke. I took it upon myself to take care of his worldly possessions, cars, trailer, etc. Bob was found on the floor of his travel trailer where he collapsed and stayed for almost two days. A neighbor found me at the Sheriff's office and was concerned for Bobs health.

I entered the trailer after hearing groans coming from the end of the trailer. My friend was lying where he had collapsed two days earlier but now paralyzed from the neck down. EMS was called Bob was taken the hispital and the next two years for Bob were filled with the stark reallity of knowing the rest of his life was up to him. Bob was a Viet Nam vet and no stranger to over coming pain.  

Over the next two years my health diminished as I took on more than I could do.I started my security of his possessions then. I had to unpack an aluminum shed full of Bob's reloading equipment and just an assortment of life's stuff. My brother who was visiting me from help for one day while he was here but it took several days loading into his SUV, my enclosed trailer and suburban. I had a flatbed wrecker move the shed to my property and then worked on moving the 5Th wheel trailer.

We all have, or should I say most of us have the ability and desire to help others when they are down. Its been my experience that as a cop for most of my life there is a whole lot of fine people out here in the world. Not all people that are great people are religiously out going buy harbor those personal feelings to them selves.

Well I'm on the road to recovery at home with a new Kidney named Kenny so my donor tells me. Mike Huggard of Strike Hold here in Dawsonville,Ga also. My first donor Tom Armstrong was not able to complete the transplant due to his own medical problems, I thank you Tom for trying so hard buddy.

Getting a transplant is a very complicated process and one that not every one who needs, gets. I have yet to figure out what makes me so lucky to be living, when so many have tried and failed over and over. This is what makes us a little humble after receiving such a gift of life. My heart goes out to the couple thousand just in Georgia alone who are waiting on a Kidney or Liver transplant. My friends I have witnessed many people who just run out of time waiting due to other medical conditions or age.

My friend you never know when your life can and will change in a second without asking. You have to stand tall no one ever said life was easy and so my advise is take care of what you have and love every moment here on earth. If your not happy because your car was repossessed or you lost your home you can easily live through this and start over.

Oh by the way my friend Bob has come home last week and has learned to walk again he has lost a lot of range of motion in has hands but I see a man who has learned how to live all over again. With all the trials and tribulations that life gives us to over come seems minor when gaged to the young men and women who have lost the chance to have a chance to experience for themselves life and growing old and enjoying time with their children and such. My hat goes off to the United States Military Today, yesterday and tomorrow for they have given the ultimate of life.

I close in saying that so many of us are giving another chance at life to give back and help those in real need, Thank you all for my chance.....Mickey Gilbertson


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