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Blind Fury

Updated on December 27, 2017
Virginia Lea profile image

Virginia is a well rounded individual and enjoys writing and decent aroma therapy. She is honest and tells it like it is.

The Art Of Channeling Anger.

Being so angry that it becomes harder to control myself is a horrible feeling. A lot of people understand that once you get to a certain point then one cannot be held responsible for their actions, or can they? Something happens, not always something that anyone can control and then the emotions arise and the anger sets in. Everyone can agree with me by saying that no one can control what happens around them, but one can definitely control how they feel about it. That is something that I have recently learned and am still learning to this day. What do I do when I get so angry that the emotions start to overwhelm and take over? It is a horrible feeling of a dark cloud approaching and there is nothing I can do about it. Or at least that is what it feels like, it feels like there is nothing I can do but there is always something that can be done. It sucks and I do not want it to happen but when it does I have learned that nothing can change what has already happened and I just need to accept it and do what I can, for a lack of better words, suck it up. Nothing good comes of stewing over something that has already happened. especially something that can not be controlled. Of course we all know that but that is not what we want to hear when we are blind with fury.

I have learned many things through my journey and I will share with you. First of all, recognizing the emotion is probably the best thing that can be done, if I do not realize what emotion I am feeling then how will I conjure it...? After I have figured out that the emotion I am feeling is anger then I take a time out, because obviously whatever I was doing was making me angry. To prevent myself from getting more angry I just take a temporary break and take deep breaths. Count my breaths, just take a minute, clear my mind and count. When I am in this moment I just think of what would happen if I act out on my anger. More often then not acting out on anger is never good. So I never have to stay in that thought process for too long. I have also learned that I need to release the anger. But, there is a big difference between acting out on the anger and releasing it. It is not healthy to bottle it up but it is also detrimental to let the anger control you. Do not try to suppress anger, channel it. Use it as fuel. That is the most valuable tool that I have learned and still use to this day. Learning the art of channeling anger has saved me from a lot of trouble. It sounds childish but music helps me. Heavy metal, I do not care how that sounds, music helps everything. Another way to release anger is to work out, I enjoy that a lot. Heavy metal music and lifting weights. After the anger is released then the next step is to accept that the event happened, and that there is really nothing I can do to change it. I actually love to get angry because it is like fuel to get motivated. Yes that is what I said, anger motivates me and I love it, but there is a fine line that one must not teeter. It is almost like a drug, if you take too much then it can kill you, just like anger.

So that concludes my article for now. We learned that the FIRST thing to do is recognize that you are getting angry. Second you need to not let it get worse. Third you need to think of the consequences, and then lastly learn to channel, and of course I write, and that helps me. But you guys do what you need to do that works for you. I am just sharing what works for

© 2017 Virginia Davis


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    • Jessie L Watson profile image

      Jessie Watson 3 weeks ago from Wenatchee Washington

      I have the same exact issue. It becomes even more problematic in relationships. I do believe there is a threshold in which we become totally consumed by our rage that we lose free will altogether. Once we come to know this part of ourselves, the more we have to be cognizant of what could potentially lead to those situations. It's never perfect because the stupidest disagreements can end up that way.

      I practice meditation because it helps me gain a little more executive control over my decisions before they reach the aforementioned threshold. If I could suddenly become aware of the rising tide within, I could sever the half-life of my emotions and change the trajectory of the outcome. Always a work in progress.

      Another thing to practice is picking our battles - deciding which pile of shit is worth jumping into or identifying with. I recommend studying stoic philosophy and virtue theory. I admire George Washington because he set a great example of what it means to uphold civility in times where everyone seems critical of our character. In other words, something talking shit doesn't always have to be acknowledged.

      Thanks for writing about this. There are others out there like you.