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Healthy Alternative Sweetener for Cancer and Diabetic Patients: Blue Agave Nectar

Updated on March 23, 2012

Blue Agave Plant


Blue Agave Nectar for Cancer Patients

I will use this hub to highlight the benefits of Blue Agave nectar as a healthy alternative sweetener for cancer patients. Honey is also a healthy alternative, but I will focus specifically on blue agave nectar.

Known to the Mexicans as Aguamiel or honey water, the agave nectar is made from the same Agave plant from which tequila is made. The Mexicans have known the benefits of this plant and have used it as an ingredient in their cooking for thousands of years.

The level of awareness about the health benefits of blue agave nectar is increasing as people become more health conscious, and those on a sugar-free diet seek alternative sweeteners. Cancer patients and diabetics are among the core of dieters who it is best advised that they stay away from the use of regular sugar.

The Mexican’s knowledge of the usefulness and benefits of the agave plant would have naturally been obtained from their predecessors the Aztecs. The Aztecs prized the plant for its liquid that they used to flavor their food and drink. To them, it was a gift from the gods.

Health Benefits of the Agave Nectar as an alternative to Cancer Patients

Here are some health benefits of agave nectar.

  1. It is a natural sweetener with a low Glycemic Index of 39 or less. This helps to prevent spikes in energy level (the sugar rush that is typical with the use of other sweeteners).
  2. Agave sweetener is 1.4 times sweeter than sugar. This means is requires less to sweeten your tea or drink and there is less calories going into the body.
  3. Also referred to as the “tree of wonder” the plant is believed to have anti-aging properties that takes effect from in the womb and throughout life.
  4. The juice from the clear sap of the agave, known as aguamiel is used to make the agave sweetener. It is gluten free, and is edible. It has great nutritional value and is also the part of the plant from which tequila and other beverages are made.
  5. Contains no known allergens.

“Individuals using soursop tea to treat cancer, please remember that cancer loves sugar. It is best to avoid using sugar as a sweetener.”

Why Blue Agave Nectar

Of all the species of Agave, Blue Agaves are regarded as the best for producing nectar. This is due to their high carbohydrate content that causes the final nectar to have a high percentage of fructose. The agave plant is grown for 7-10 years before it is harvested. The section that is harvested is known as the pina which is the core of the plant. The pina resembles a huge pineapple and is only revealed after the leaves of the plant are cut off. It is in the pina that the aguamiel (the clear sap) is found.

Blue Agave nectar is a healthy alternative sweetener for cancer patients who are using soursop tea to treat their condition .People who do not like the taste of honey may find the flavor of blue agave nectar to their liking.


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