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Blueberry Blueberries and Grape Juice are just as Healthy for Memory

Updated on July 8, 2012

Blueberry and Grape Benefits

That slightly sweat and sour blueberry and purple grape may just be your best friend.

According to blueberrycouncil and many other studies, blueberries may actually help prevent Alzheimer's disease, the #4 deadliest disease, but the benefits don't just stop there.

The chemical within the blueberry responsible for these health benefits are the anthocyanins, which are the purplish pigments in the blueberry and grape skin. In a lab test, rat who were fed a diet rich in anthocyanin from blueberries had a much higher neurogenesis (brain cell birth) rate than the ones fed with ordinary rat food.

Where can you find these anthocyanins?

- Blueberries are expensive at about $3.50 for a pint that can be eaten as a single meal and don't even think about getting 100% blueberry juice. That costs about $10 for a small bottle that can be finished in a minute. Most of us can't afford engulfing blueberries for this extreme price.

That is why grapes are a better alternative. A 64 oz bottle can cost less than 3 dollars which is many times less than blueberry juice. While the amount of anthocyanins in grape juice is less than that in blueberry juice, the price is much more affordable.

In addition, grape wine also contains a high concentration of anthocyanins. 1 Cup of wine a day is good for the heart and brain, but like all things, too much of a good thing is damaging to health.

Just HOW beneficial are blueberry/grapes?

- Scientists at the University of Cincinnati did a study of 12 people drinking 100% concord grape juice for 12 years (about 3 months). 6 were the testing group and 6 were controls who only drank water. The groups were given memory tests during the process and the study has shown that the longer the group drank grape juice, the better their memory got. In another study at Vanderbilt university on over 2000 people, the study showed that people who drank the grape juice had reduced their risk of Alzheimer's by 76%. In addition, studies have shown that grape/blueberry juice can not only help protect people from dementia and memory decline, but also help heal it. People who do not have memory problems actually get a boost.

If you want better memory, blueberry and grapes are the way to go, but other foods also help:

- Olive Oil

- Salmon (Omega-3 and Omega-6 from fish oil)

- Chocolate

- Coffee

- Tea

- Ginkgo Biloba (by helping blood circulation like Asprin)

- Almond Milk

- Berries, Nuts, Foods high in protein but low in saturated oils (lean beef)


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