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Body By Jake Tower 200 Review

Updated on April 20, 2012

I've read a lot about gyms. There are the ones that work, and the ones that simply don't. Most gym systems do work, it's just a matter of using them right and using them often. I've tried the personal trampoline, the leg magic and even the bow-flex. The trampoline irritated my neck and didn't give me a good enough work out. The leg magic hurt my knees too much. The bow-flex, did work, but was such a pain in the but to have to switch everything around I just gave up with it. There are so many "gyms" and "fitness machines" on the market, it's hard to really find one that works. It's even harder to find one you can afford!

I recently got the "Body by Jake Tower 200". It is a gym system that sits on the back of a closed door. Similar to the bow-flex, it uses resistant bands instead of weights. They work as well as weights, minus the bulk and pain of having them. The resistance is 200lbs ( 100lbs on each side ) hence, the name "Tower 200". There are over 200 exercise moves you can do, so if one hurts to much, try another. I've only used it two times ( today and yesterday ) and I am quite sore. I am going to list the pro's and con's of this gym and give you my final take.

Have you used the "Tower 200" & got good results?

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This is the older model. There is a new model as well called "The Power Tower 200".

That one will run you at about $250, not $150. I would advise getting the first model as it is cheaper and seems to do the same thing. The new one just has more "power".

Randy Couture is featured on BOTH models.

There are many knock off systems out there, so make sure you purchase the "BODY BY JAKE" brand!

Pro's :

  • It is light weight and stores easy.
  • has plenty of exercises to choose from.
  • comes assembled.
  • comes with a 10% of coupon for Body by Jake products.
  • easy enough for women, but challenging enough for men.
  • comes with a work out dvd to help you learn some moves.
  • includes 2 full work outs and several 3 minute add on mini workouts to target each muscle group.
  • hooking on the door is a breeze.
  • exercises are broken down in category by muscle groups in the instruction book, showing how to do the moves and what reps to do.
  • work outs can take as little as 3 minutes.
  • the price is reasonable. ($149.99 at Sears)
  • leaves no room for excuses.
  • The resistance levels can be moved up for more of a challenge.

Con's :

  • Only has 100lbs of resistance on each side. (25lbs, 35lbs, and 40lbs)
  • The lowest weight is 25lbs, which may make some exercises to hard for certain people.
  • you can easily strain yourself if you do a move the wrong way.
  • only comes with 2 hand grips and 2 ankle straps.
  • the poster that's included only shows the 11 minutes workout, not the 22 minute one, so a tv is necessary in the room.

All in all, based on my two sessions... I felt the burn. I did the ab moves and for some reason my back ( in between my shoulder blades ) got a better work out! I did a 10 minutes session yesterday and one today. I did 15-20 reps of leg and ab exercises. I did a few bicep ones as well. I am extremely sore in my back and my legs are sore, but only when I walk down steps. While doing the exercises, I felt the burn and was pretty sweaty, considering I only did 10 minutes. I did most of my moves on the 25lbs and a few on the 30lbs resistance bands. It don't sound like much, but it''l kick your... well, you get the idea! I highly, HIGHLY advice people to take it easy, no matter what fitness level you are. The pain is pretty bad in my back. I should not have done 25 reps on 30lbs for my abs, only 10 reps on 25lbs.

I think its worth the money and highly recommend it!

I will write a follow up hub in 4 to 6 weeks to let you know how my body feels, looks and how my strength has improved, or not improved.

A preview of how it works...


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    • ii3rittles profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      No problem, Thanks for your comment!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Excellent work - This really helped in my decision to purchase one of these for a friend for X-mas. Thanks


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