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Bon Hoa Launches Line Of Generic Cancer Drugs

Updated on December 21, 2017

Bon Hoa Pharmacy’s line of generic cancer drugs has been and continues to be a huge source of relief for many cancer patients and their families all over the world. Based in New Delhi, India, this online pharmacy has already proven its ability to revolutionize the industry. It first did this by launching one of the most successful virtual drug sale platforms in the world. It is currently active in more than 150 countries with both old and new generic cancer chemotherapy regimens in their stock. Below is what is in store for patients and why the Indian generic cancer drugs industry is worth celebrating.


A Cancer Patient’s Dilemma

Before understanding the benefits of Bon Hoa pharmacy products, it is important to understand every cancer patient’s dilemma.

Cancer management is not cheap with the drugs in particular being very expensive. Take the example of one Lisa Marie whose 72 year old father is in desperate need of a drug called Sunitinib. This drug comes in the form of capsules taken once a day indefinitely. When purchased from the original manufacturer, it would set Lisa Marie’s family back more than 600 US Dollars for every single capsule. Considering it is drugs taken throughout the patient’s lifetime, this is a considerable amount of money. The saddest part is that even with insurance involved, the cover very quickly runs out leaving the family to bear this already very heavy burden all alone.

In this case, most families are plunged head first into a dilemma between opting for generic drugs and simply waiting to die. This is because it is not always easy to find a manufacturer or supplier whose generics are cheap without compromising on quality. There is also the fact that most insurance companies are unwilling to pay for generic drugs from suppliers abroad. These two key factors are what cause the dilemma for the patients.

Why Bon Hoa Pharmacy’s generic drugs are worth celebrating

It is safe to say that Bon Hoa Pharmacy has managed to successfully overcome the challenges faced by generic chemotherapy regimens. As one of the biggest and most trusted players in the Indian generic cancer drugs industry, high quality is pretty much guaranteed. The online pharmacy has a range of generic cancer drugs for various types of cancer including Leukemia, kidney cancer, lung cancer and breast cancer. Majority of these drugs are generics of older and more expensive cancer drugs.

Their products have also been approved and recommended by many doctors and health policy makers in the different countries of operation. The fair prices to be offered will also make it easier for families to manage without the help of insurance companies. So what do patients have to look forward to?

- Great quality pharmaceuticals.

- Safe and effective cancer chemotherapy.

- Great prices.

Bottom line

After all is said and done, there is no denying the fact that the Bon Hoa Pharmacy’s line of generic cancer drugs is definitely worth being excited above. With all it has to offer, it promises to make life significantly easier for cancer patients and their loved ones. That way, the choice between generics and a slow fade will not be one that many will have to make.


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    • emge profile image


      11 months ago from Abu Dhabi

      This is interesting but how effective are they?


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