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Book Review: 10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace by Dr. Dyer

Updated on July 27, 2014

Photo of 10 Secrets for Success & Inner Peace

Photo of some of the books I own that were authored by Dr. Wayne Dyer.
Photo of some of the books I own that were authored by Dr. Wayne Dyer. | Source

10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace

The 10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace by Dr. Wayne Dyer, is a small, beautifully laid out volume of spiritual wisdom designed to resonate with anyone who wants to consciously choose a life path that leads to success and inner peace. I have owned it since Hay House published it in 2001 and periodically re-read the 10 secrets which are core principles for achieving inner peace.

At first glance, the book looks very simplistic and indeed it is easy to flip through the 10 chapters and quickly scan the lovely quotes and short sentence that describe the essence of each secret. In fact, I would encourage readers to do just that and then go back and read one chapter at a sitting. If the chapter resonates, allow a few days to digest the wisdom and apply it to your own life. If it doesn't resonate move on to the next chapter and don't get bogged down with trying to make sense of something that you don't agree with or are highly resistant to accepting. Honor your current feelings and don't beat yourself for not "getting it" or not wanting to practice a particular principle.

If you're used to thinking of success in traditional terms of hard work, material success and relationship success you may be disappointed that this book has no direct advice about those things but if you're able to keep your heart and mind open to the value of becoming in tune with your spiritual essence you may experience a shift in thinking and beliefs that will help you redefine what true success means.

The rest of this review will focus on the 10 secrets and briefly summarize them. Dr. Dyer goes into much more depth about each principle and readers are encouraged to read the whole book in order to attain a comprehensive understanding of each one.

View Short Video of the 10 Secrets

Dr. Dyer's 10 Secrets for Success & Peace

  1. "Have a mind that is open to everything and attached to nothing. " Sounds easy, but is it? From early childhood we have been conditioned to accept the world the way our parents, teachers, friends and culture tell us it is and this conditioning may make it hard for us to keep an open mind that's not attached to the achievement of culturally accepted outcomes.
  2. "Don't die with your music still in you." Find your passion and follow it even if it means marching to your own drumbeat when it's different from what everyone else or society says you should be doing.
  3. "You can't give away what you don't have." This is about loving and respecting yourself so that you will have love and respect to give to others.
  4. "Embrace silence." It is in silence that we find communion with God. Silence helps us cultivate inner peace and becoming more peaceful helps us deflect the negative energy of those around us.
  5. "Give up your personal history." Many people hang onto past pains and use their personal history to justify their current self-defeating behaviors which only leads to more pain in the present. Dr. Dyer suggests that we view our past history with compassion for all that we've been through and then practice living in the moment.
  6. "You can't solve a problem with the same mind that created it." Dr. Dyer believes that any problem can be resolved with a spiritual solution. He suggests that we need to change our mind, thoughts and beliefs in order to find a spiritual solution to a problem.
  7. "There are no justified resentments." Resentment is like venom that continues to pour through your system doing poisonous damage long after you've been bitten. You can remove the venom by making a decision to let go of resentments.
  8. "Treat yourself as if you already are what you'd like to be." As you place more and more of your energy on what you intend to manifest, you start seeing those intentions materializing.
  9. "Treasure your divinity." Dr. Dyer recommends that we think of God as a presence that is everywhere, including ourselves.
  10. "Wisdom is avoiding all thoughts that weaken you." What you choose to think about is the source of your experience of reality. Choose to replace dis-empowering, weakening thoughts with empowering thoughts of peace, joy, love and acceptance.

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5 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of 10 Secrets for Success & Inner Peace

About the Author, Dr. Wayne Dyer

I have been reading books by Dr. Wayne Dyer for 3 decades. He is an internationally renowned author and speaker in the field of self-development and has appeared on thousands of television and radio programs, including The Today Show, The Tonight Show, PBS specials and Oprah. He has created numerous best-selling books, audios, videos and CD's. He also starred in a recent movie called, The Shift.

If you would like to learn more about Dr. Dyer you can visit his website at the following link:

A Thank You to Hubber, Melovy

This hub was written in response to a suggestion that fellow hubber, Melovy, made to me in a comment on her thought-provoking hub, "How to Use the Best Self Help Techniques in the World to Beat Yourself," which can be viewed at: .

Thank you, Melovy, for suggesting that I create a hub about my favorite self help author, Dr. Wayne Dyer. I always appreciate your thought provoking comments, your ongoing support of my writing and encouragement to write on different topics.

Have you read any books by Dr. Wayne Dyer?

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  • Happyboomernurse profile image

    Gail Sobotkin 4 years ago from South Carolina

    Hi Dee,

    So glad you enjoyed the hub and thanks for leaving an insightful comment that adds depth to this article.

    I agree that the style of Dr. Dyer's writing, and also his PBS TV specials make the reader/viewer feel as though he is talking directly to them.

    I am currently taking a free class at my local library which is based upon his book, "Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life: Living The Wisdom of the Tao." If you haven't read it yet, I would suggest you do so. It is also available in CD format and the PBS Lecture he gave about it can be viewed for free on You Tube.

    Sending You Blessings & Love,


  • Dee aka Nonna profile image

    Dee aka Nonna 4 years ago

    Dr. Dyer is one of my favorite people. I don't know him personally, of course, but I feel like I do because his book speak to each person individually....I think. I love every point on your list.....but number one and four are my favorite. (1) keeping an open mind is critical to being able to move forward and, (4) the old saying "silence" is golden is very true. Much can happen in moments of silence that will bring wisdom, and soluntions.

  • Happyboomernurse profile image

    Gail Sobotkin 5 years ago from South Carolina

    Hi Mjboomer,

    Thanks for sharing your own experience with Dr. Dyer's books.

    I've been quite amazed at how many people have followed him as long as I have. It shows what I've always known- this man has shared so much sage advice with his readers and broadened our understanding of ourselves and of each other.

    Thanks for your feedback. It's greatly appreciated.

    Hub Hugs,


  • Happyboomernurse profile image

    Gail Sobotkin 5 years ago from South Carolina

    Hi Born2Care,

    Sorry I'm so late in responding to your heartfelt comment. I just returned from vacation and it was such a pleasure to receive your kind words.

    I will definitely check out your Wayne Dyer hubs. Seems like we both have been following this talented author's inspirational work for many years and have tremendously benefited from the influence he's had on our lives.

    Thanks so much for sharing this article.

    Hub Hugs,


  • mjboomer profile image

    Mike Elzner 5 years ago from Oregon

    Thanks for the great hub Happyboomernurse, I too have followed Dr. Dyer, well, for a long time......I believe from his first book. His advice as positively impacted many areas of my life.

    I chew on small bits to help me find the meaning for me in my life.

  • Born2care2001 profile image

    Rev Bruce S Noll HMN 5 years ago from Asheville NC

    Well Happyboomernurse,

    You made my day, week, month, year, infinitum! Dr. Dyer is one of the authors who lives on my bookshelf and in my heart. I began reading his work with "The Sky's the Limit" a long, long time ago. I think the only book I haven't read was one of his first, "Your Erogenous Zones."

    Not coincidentally, I published two hubs by Dr. Dyer. I supplied the link in case you would be interested in seeing if you can detect his influence in the writing.

    Thank you for highlighting such an incredible man, author and story!

    His PBS specials are fabulous too!

    Voted up all over the place! & Shared!

  • Happyboomernurse profile image

    Gail Sobotkin 5 years ago from South Carolina

    Hi Gmwilliams,

    Looks like we both feel the same way about Dr. Dyer's books, PBS specials, cds and dvds.

    Unfortunately, I have not yet had the pleasure of hearing him speak in person as you have!

    Thanks for leaving such an insightful comment and I'm glad the hub brought back good memories for you.

  • gmwilliams profile image

    Grace Marguerite Williams 5 years ago from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York

    Not only do I have most of Dr. Dyer's books, I also have many of his cds and dvds. He is indeed an inspirational speaker. I look at his PBS specials so many times. I also have heard him speak live at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City a couple of years ago! Great hub, brought back some memories!

  • Happyboomernurse profile image

    Gail Sobotkin 5 years ago from South Carolina

    Hi Starstream,

    Thank you for your kind words.

    I always enjoy watching Dr. Dyer's PBS specials even if I've already read the corresponding book as it truly brings the information to life. I'm also glad that the PBS specials make the information available for those who don't read these kinds of books or can't afford expensive seminars.

  • starstream profile image

    Dreamer at heart 5 years ago from Northern California

    Wayne Dyer is my favorite teacher. I thank PBS for airing the shows. The suggestions are truly for those with an open mind and heart. I commend you for selecting this topic for a review.

  • Happyboomernurse profile image

    Gail Sobotkin 5 years ago from South Carolina

    Hi Peggy,

    Oh wow, your kind words at the end of your comment really touched my heart. It made me feel good that you can actually see some of these principals in my writings.

    Yes, my bookshelf is filled with books like these. When I find a writer who really resonates with me and at the same time expands my mind, thoughts and heart to a more open view of life I remain a loyal fan and always look forward to reading their latest books.

    Thanks so much for the vote up and the share. It's greatly appreciated and I hope it encourages others to read this little gem of a book.

  • Peggy W profile image

    Peggy Woods 5 years ago from Houston, Texas

    It looks as though your bookshelf is filled with ones that offer good advice about living and looking at ourselves and the world with an open mind and willingness to learn. Thanks for the 10 secrets you listed from this book by Dr. Wayne Dyer. His advice seems good and achievable with a little time spent to absorb the full meaning. If you are any example of a person following those teachings...we should all get in line and start reading! Voted up, useful and will share!

  • Happyboomernurse profile image

    Gail Sobotkin 6 years ago from South Carolina

    Hi Prasetio,

    Hope you do get a chance to read the book itself, which goes into what I've written here in greater depth.

    Thank you for the vote up and your ongoing support.

  • Happyboomernurse profile image

    Gail Sobotkin 6 years ago from South Carolina

    Hi Klarawieck,

    Thanks so much for your insightful comment and specific feedback.

    I hope you do get a chance to read this book this summer.

  • prasetio30 profile image

    prasetio30 6 years ago from malang-indonesia

    This was a great book. I should read it. Thanks for reviewing and I love the 10 secrets for success and inner peace. Good job and rated up. Take care :-)


  • profile image

    klarawieck 6 years ago

    I love Wayne Dyer. He's one of the most prominent spiritual figures of today, and because he can understand our western culture he succeeds at relating this ancient content in a language and setting that we can understand.

    Another hubber made a referrence to "don't die with your music inside," which is something I find interesting since I am a musician and gave up on trying to write and perform my own music years ago. Of course, this statement is not only referring to my case, but speaks about allowing your message and talents to flourish.

    This is a beautiful hub, and although I haven't read this particular book, I will add it to my list of things to do this summer.

    Thank you!

  • Happyboomernurse profile image

    Gail Sobotkin 6 years ago from South Carolina

    Hi FitnessProDee,

    Thanks for the specific feedback and I totally agree with you. I, too, have followed Dr. Dyer on PBS and read most of his books throughout the years and always take away valuable new insights.

    This particular book is beautifully illustrated and very easy to read. It's also great to thumb through periodically.

  • FitnessProDee profile image

    Dana Gore 6 years ago

    This was SUCH a great book! Not only is it pretty to look at, but simple and to the point. It's easy these days to get lost in a publication if it's long and complicated...especially with such an abundance of information coming at us at once.

    Dr. Dyer is one of my favorite people to listen to and I have always loved his PBS specials. His humor is refreshing and his message has been a game changer for me and others.

    Great review.

  • Happyboomernurse profile image

    Gail Sobotkin 6 years ago from South Carolina

    Hi Eddy,

    So glad that you liked it.

    Thanks so much for your ongoing support and kind words. I always look forward to sharing hubs with you and value your feedback and opinions.

    Hope you have a blessed evening.

  • Eiddwen profile image

    Eiddwen 6 years ago from Wales

    What a brilliant review Gail and thank you so much. Your hard work on each one of your hubs always pays off and I vote up up and away.

    Take care and here's to so many more for us both to share on here.


  • Happyboomernurse profile image

    Gail Sobotkin 6 years ago from South Carolina

    Hi Acaetnna,

    So glad you enjoyed it and felt like you learned something.

    Thanks for the vote up which is greatly appreciated.

  • acaetnna profile image

    acaetnna 6 years ago from Guildford

    So informative and beneficial to your reader. I always learn so much when I read your hubs. Awesome and voting up as always.

  • Happyboomernurse profile image

    Gail Sobotkin 6 years ago from South Carolina

    Dear Lyricwriter,

    Thanks so much for your insightful comment which I totally agree with. It's always a pleasure to read something that raise's one's sense of peace and well-being.

    I'm sorry it took me so long to respond to your lovely comment. My computer internet service was down, but it was great to see your comment when I logged on tonight.

    Thank you for your ongoing support. I'm so glad we started following each other in 2011 and am looking forward to sharing many more hubs in 2012.

    Best Wishes for a Happy New Year.


  • thelyricwriter profile image

    Richard Ricky Hale 6 years ago from West Virginia

    Votes up HBN. Finding peace within is so important to us all. When we are at peace within, great things came come from it. I don't do much reading besides here, but this would be a book that I would read. Positive outcome from such books really do the soul good. Excellent review Gail. Best wishes.

  • Happyboomernurse profile image

    Gail Sobotkin 6 years ago from South Carolina

    Hi Minnetonka Twin,

    Thanks so much for your specific feedback which is very helpful.

    I think reading this book would be a great way to start the New Year with an open, receptive mind that fosters inner peace and success.

    Thanks again for your friendship and ongoing support.

    Hope you, too, have a Happy Holiday Season.

  • Minnetonka Twin profile image

    Linda Rogers 6 years ago from Minnesota

    Gail-Thanks for reminding me of Dr. Dyer. I read some of his work way back when and this would be the perfect books to re-read for the new year. I appreciate the summarizing you did on the ten secrets. It was written clearly, short and sweet and to the point. It helped bring back the reading I did years ago. Happy Holidays Gail :-)

  • Happyboomernurse profile image

    Gail Sobotkin 6 years ago from South Carolina

    Hi Audrey,

    Thanks for leaving such an insightful comment. #2 is the most natural and fun one to follow and #5 was a tough one for me but definitely beneficial. It makes one hopeful to know that no matter what happened in the past it can't hurt us now and if we live well in the present we can create a much better future that's completely different from the one we may have grown up under.

    Happy Holidays to you and your family,


  • Happyboomernurse profile image

    Gail Sobotkin 6 years ago from South Carolina

    Hi Homesteadbound,

    So glad you enjoyed the hub and are already familiar with some of Dr. Dyer's books and CD's. This one is small and easy to read but like all his other work contains gems of wisdom.

    Thanks for leaving me feedback. It's greatly appreciated.

  • Happyboomernurse profile image

    Gail Sobotkin 6 years ago from South Carolina

    Hi Movie Master,

    As you could tell from the photo Dr. Dyer writes the kind of books I like to keep on my bookshelf so I can periodically reread pertinent sections. This book is a great place to start if you've never read anything by him before. Hope you enjoy it.

    Thanks for leaving feedback. It's greatly appreciated and I know I've met my intention if I've inspired you to read the book!

  • akirchner profile image

    Audrey Kirchner 6 years ago from Washington

    Sounds like good advice, Gail - I especially like #2 and #5. He does have a very wonderful way of presenting truths that should be glaringly evident and making you relook at life.

    Wonderfully presented~~ Happiest of holidays to you and yours~

  • homesteadbound profile image

    Cindy Murdoch 6 years ago from Texas

    Hey Gail. You have done a wonderful job of making me want to read this book. I have a few books of his and have a couple CD that we listen to in the car. He is so wise and his teachings are truly inspirational.

  • Movie Master profile image

    Movie Master 6 years ago from United Kingdom

    I have never read anything by Dr Dyer, this is an excellent review, I will certainly be purchasing this book, I'm sure I can benefit from it and thank you for sharing, best wishes MM

  • Happyboomernurse profile image

    Gail Sobotkin 6 years ago from South Carolina

    Hi Simone,

    Your comment made me chuckle. I've often wished I knew how to speed read as I always have a backlog of things I want to read one day.

    Thanks for leaving a comment.

  • Happyboomernurse profile image

    Gail Sobotkin 6 years ago from South Carolina

    Welcome Arlene V. Poma,

    That "hand-me-down" story about Dr. Dyer's "Pulling Your Own Strings" says volumes about how useful many readers find his books. That one was all about empowerment and it sounds like you learned a lot from it!

    Thanks for leaving such a great comment.

    Love your profile photo and hat!

  • Simone Smith profile image

    Simone Haruko Smith 6 years ago from San Francisco

    Wow, each chapter sounds really interesting! I wouldn't mind reading this book at all someday. Ugh. SO MUCH TO READ!

  • profile image

    Arlene V. Poma 6 years ago

    Thank you for your Hub. My all-time favorite from Dr. Dyer is "Pulling Your Own Strings." I still keep my battered copy from my college days (a hand-me-down from my brother and his boss), and his work still holds true for me. I still read it when I need a shove in the right direction. Yes, I still "Pull My Own Strings!" Voted up and all that. And happily added to my collection of bookmarks.

  • Happyboomernurse profile image

    Gail Sobotkin 6 years ago from South Carolina

    Hi Bluestar,

    Glad his book sounds like something that would be helpful to you. He's written many but this one is a little gem. I like to re-read some of the sections myself sometimes.

    Thanks, as always, for your ongoing support and for leaving such a lovely comment.

    Hub Hugs,


  • thebluestar profile image

    Annette Donaldson 6 years ago from Northern Ireland

    Hi Gail, I am having chance to catch up with all my HP buddies today and I am sure pleased that I read this hub. I have never heard of the writer before, but I think I must make myself acquainted with his work. Just now, I could do with a change of direction to pull my life around again, and I think I shall purchase this book. Thank you for being the lovely inspiration person that you are. xx

  • Happyboomernurse profile image

    Gail Sobotkin 6 years ago from South Carolina

    Hi Eddy,

    Thanks so much for reading and commenting. It's greatly appreciated.

    I'll be round to read some of your hubs later.


  • Happyboomernurse profile image

    Gail Sobotkin 6 years ago from South Carolina

    Hi Rosemay,

    Am so glad it's inspired you and that several secrets have already touched a chord with you.

    The thing I love most about Dr. Dyer's books is that I usually end up resonating with things I already know but in addition find that I learn some things that cause a new, positive shift in my thinking and am able to incorporate that into my life. Plus he always includes great quotes.

  • Eiddwen profile image

    Eiddwen 6 years ago from Wales

    Another great hub Gail and will benefit so many readers.

    Thank you so much for sharing.

    Take care and enjoy your day.


  • Rosemay50 profile image

    Rosemary Sadler 6 years ago from Hawkes Bay - NewZealand

    You have done a wonderful review of this book. He should hire you as his advertising manager because you have made me want to go out and buy this book even though I have not read anything of his previously.

    3 of the 'secrets' especially touched a chord with me

    Thank you for sharing this

  • Happyboomernurse profile image

    Gail Sobotkin 6 years ago from South Carolina

    Welcome Nextgoodthing,

    So glad you enjoyed the book review. If you like self-development topics and authors you should find Dr. Dyer's book worth your while.

    Thanks for taking time to leave feedback. It's greatly appreciated.

  • nextgoodthing profile image

    nextgoodthing 6 years ago from Miami,Fl

    Thank you for a glimpse on the this book giving us a quick peak into the 10 secrets..I have never read anything from Dr.Dyer but i will surely order first one after your hub.Thanks!

  • Happyboomernurse profile image

    Gail Sobotkin 6 years ago from South Carolina

    Hi Hyphenbird,

    I so totally agree with what you said about him and am glad you enjoyed this book review.

    I'm happy, but not surprised to hear you are also a follower of his books for as I wrote to Vocalcoach, you also embody his teachings in the comments, love and encouragement that you give to others.

    Am glad you have a best friend who also follows his teachings. It's always more meaningful when you have someone to discuss these kind of teachings with.

  • Happyboomernurse profile image

    Gail Sobotkin 6 years ago from South Carolina

    Dear Vocalcoach,

    You can't imagine how deeply your comment touched my heart and soul tonight. I'm struck by the fact that we have both been reading Dr. Dyer's books for 3 decades and I could so easily have said about you what you just said about me - that you embody many of his teachings and are such an inspiration and support to others.

    It is always a joy to read your loving comments in my own hubs and those of others!

    This little book is a gem and you are already a master practitioner of secret #2 through your daily teachings of others in how to find and nurture the music that's within them.

    Sending a Hub Bouquet of Love and Hugs,


  • Hyphenbird profile image

    Brenda Barnes 6 years ago from America-Broken But Still Beautiful

    Dr. Dyer is a very wise man. I have learned so much from him and my best friend is also a follower of his. His insight is lovely and can bring one to a place of serenity and balance. Thanks for a great book review.

  • vocalcoach profile image

    Audrey Hunt 6 years ago from Idyllwild Ca.

    You have written an excellent book review! I, too, have followed Dr. Dyer for 3 decades. His books have been a source of constant inspiration to me. His words of truth have empowered me and helped me to change my thinking, which then changed my life.

    I don't have his book "10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace", but will order it right away.

    The 10 secrets you have listed are absolutely do-able and I am very eager to begin incorporating each one into my life. The 8th secret "Treat yourself as if you already are what you'd like to be", is my personal favorite.

    You, happyboomernurse, are living proof that Dr. Dyer's books are a must read for us all. I have long admired your integrity, wisdom, compassion and support for others. Your light shines like a beacon...welcoming all to be their love each other, beginning with themselves.

    Thank you for this beautiful hub which I voted up and nudged each button but funny. I share my comments with joy and with love.


  • Happyboomernurse profile image

    Gail Sobotkin 6 years ago from South Carolina

    Hi Melovy,

    Aw...thanks so much for your quick feedback! Am thrilled that you enjoyed it and liked my thank you to you at the end.

    Hope you do get a chance to read it.

    Thanks for your kind comments.

  • Melovy profile image

    Yvonne Spence 6 years ago from UK

    Gosh, Happyboomernurse, I was so thrilled when an email pinged into my inbox, saying there was new answer to the WTI, and that the hub was from you writing about Wayne Dyer! And what a lovely surprise I got at the end of the hub!

    “10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace" looks like a book I’d really enjoy. I love your introduction too - gentle and encouraging.

    This is a great hub. Voted up, interesting, useful!

  • Happyboomernurse profile image

    Gail Sobotkin 6 years ago from South Carolina

    Welcome Sunnie,

    I love those PBS specials which correspond with his book and lecture tours. I find that the specials generally contain everything that's in the book and are a relaxing way to absorb his wisdom. Thanks for leaving such a great comment.

  • profile image

    Sunnie Day 6 years ago

    Hello Gail,

    I have listened to Wayne Dyer several times on PBS and have found him so wise in his teachings. Thank you for sharing such a great hub. I do not have any books by him but I do love listening to him. He has such truth in what he says.

    Thank you,



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