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Book Review: Nutrition by the Numbers

Updated on March 12, 2008

Looking for a helpful guide to help you make healthy food choices? Nutrition by the Numbers, written by Christopher E. Ramsden, M.D, provides an innovative way to make sound food choices, based on the nutritional impact of different foods based on their molecular makeup.

Dr. Ramsden, who is the co-founder of Applied nutritional Biochemistry, created the NQI food rating system, which ranks foods along a scale on -10 to + 10, based on how they impact your health. This system goes far beyond what you're likely to find on food labels, providing deeper insight into how the foods you eat can impact your health. This book provides readers with guidance on how to utilize the NQI in selecting foods that are most beneficial to their health.

According to the NQI, foods with a zero rating have a neutral impact on health. The higher the number in a positive direction, the more the food is believed to have a positive impact on health. Conversely, those foods with negative NQI values are believed to have adverse impact on health along a sliding scale, with negative 10 being the worst.

Nutrition by the Numbers goes into detail what dietary molecules are and how they impact metabolism. The book provides both scientific and historical perspectives that lead the development of the NQI rating system. You'll find a detailed explanation of the 15 different categories of dietary molecules, which regulate functions such blood clotting, cholesterol and insulin metabolism, replication of cells, the rate at which fat accumulates, insulin, and oxidative stress.

You'll also find page after page of different foods and their corresponding NQI ratings, so you can make wiser choices about the foods you decide to utilize to provide your body with the fuel it needs. You'll be able to see how the foods you enjoy eating on a regular basis may be contributing to your good health, or having the opposite impact on your overall well being. You can see sample NQI ratings on

The website also includes more information about the relationship between health and the molecular composition of the foods one eats. You'll also find a few sample recipes, testimonials, and more information about the benefits of considering the NQI rating system in your dietary decisions.

About the Author

Christopher E. Ramsden, M,D. conducts extensive research in the area of nutritional biochemistry. He is passionate about applying knowledge about the biochemical characteristics of food to prevent the illnesses that are impacting Americans in epidemic proportions, incuding Alzheimer's, arthritis, cancer, dementia, depression, diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.


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