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Boost Metabolism and Lose Weight

Updated on January 9, 2010

Weight Loss Shortcuts

Looking for a shortcut to lose some of those extra pounds? Nothing boosts metabolism like fast food! Well, not the Mickey D, KFC, or other well-known kinds. But, edible amphetamines, foods that add speed to the fat-melting motor (metabolism). Eating these foods will guarantee more calories will be burned just by sitting there.

What's the catch? Of course, like any good buzz, it's temporary. The only way to change your resting metabolism (permanently) is by gaining or losing weight, or building extra muscle. But, hey, a few metabolism charging snacks and drinks over the course of several days, will actually cause you to lose weight.

So, what's this metabolism booster stuff? Milk, whole-grain cereal and oatmeal. Calcium, complex carbs, and fiber make up the rest of the secret.

Complex carbohydrates and fiber rev up metabolism and keep insulin levels low after eating. This is good because insulin spikes trigger signals to the body to store fat. And, in doing this, the body decreases metabolism production and burns fewer calories. For instance, oatmeal is digested slowly by the stomach, and causes less insulin spikes than foods like bagels. Actually, eating breakfast helps raise metabolisms by as much as 10 percent! But, skipping meals slows down your metabolism and tells the body to store fat.

Calcium in milk boosts the metabolism as well. Dieters who consumed about 1,200 milligrams of calcium a day lose about twice as much weight as dieters getting less calcium.

More metabolism boosters are Jalapeño, Habanero, and Cayenne Peppers. The Capsaicin chemical in peppers that gives the metabolism a shot in the arm.

Spicy foods boost metabolism up to a whopping 25 percent, and causes calorie burning to continue up to 3 hours after eating!

Green Tea and Coffee also boost metabolism. The caffeine and EGCG (a chemical in tea) is their secret weapons. Caffeine speeds up the heart rate and the faster your heart beats the more calories you burn. Green tea speeds up your nervous system and brain, which also helps burn calories.

Combining caffeine and 90 milligrams of EGCG three times a day can actually burn and extra 80 calories a day – and that's just when your body's resting! Coffee has been found to help sustain energy when drank before a workout. Caffeine not only helps to prevent exhaustion, but causes the body to require more oxygen. The more oxygen you use, the more calories you burn.

Lean beef, pork, chicken and turkey are all metabolism boosting foods. Their secret is protein.

Digesting the protein in meet requires more energy than digesting carbohydrates or fat. So, the more protein you eat, the more your body has to work to digest it, and more calories will be burned in the process.

Salmon, tuna, and sardines are great metabolism boosters because of their Omega-3 fatty acids. Recent studies suggested that a hormone called leptin (in your body) has a direct influence on your metabolism, and determines whether your body burns calories or stores them.

Dieting and losing weight shouldn't need to require that you exist on bland or boring food. Here' a couple foods that will satisfy your taste buds while toning down your appetite.

Pumpkin Pudding:

This is a creamy pudding that can be enjoyed for less than 150 calories, AND it helps you lose weight!

Combine a 6-ounce container of nonfat vanilla yogurt with one-half cup canned 100% pure pumpkin puree and add a dash of cinnamon. Yogurt is a protein-rich food, and pumpkin add a nice dose of fiber. The combination of protein and fiber expands in you stomach, and keeps full and away from those munchies an hour later.

Ginger Green Tea: Putting something in your hands helps to keep your from emotional eating, and is a great way to rid yourself of the day's stress. Steep your tea with a slice of ginger root for an extra punch of flavor.

Firey Chicken Salad: Add a few dashes of hot sauce to your food will slow down your eating, and you'll be less likely to eat beyond the point of fullness. Whip up a chicken salad with diced chicken breast, 1 tablespoon reduced-fat mayonnaise, hot sauce to taste, and whatever diced vegetables you have on hand. Serve on a bed of lettuce, and enjoy. Keep a glass of water handy!

Calypso Tuna Salad: Drain a can of water-packed tuna. Chop a hard-boiled egg, celery, small amount of onions. Add a tablespoon reduced-fat mayonnaise and about a quarter cup of sugar-free pineapple chunks. Serve on a bed of lettuce.


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