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Boost Your Libido and Enhance Sexual Performance

Updated on May 14, 2011

Libido Loss, Erectile Dysfunction

For many men their sexual performance serves as a powerful ego booster that makes them feel satisfied and complete. And this is quite natural, since one of the two major biological functions of males is to fertilize. The other being protecting their genetic pool (that is females and offspring).

Sex is considered a vital part in an intimate relationship, as its very name designates. Sex is a central part in human cultures and a great deal of art, entertainment and industry revolve around it. Sex is a major strive for most people, especially people in reproductive age. And the success of a relationship can often be determined by the successful sexual performance of both partners.

Of course, sex is a central part in a relationship where there is no other base for it. Stable and long lasting relationships do not hold on sex, but on many other more higher values such as intellect and mutual interests, shared ideas and views, common goals and ability to communicate fully, openly and completely. The long lasting relationship is a friendship of mutual understanding and support. And sex is a spice to it.

If you have a stable relationship with your partner, sexual dysfunctions will probably be an unlikely cause for separation, but still these can create some negative moods around. Especially in men.

Sexual desire does slow down with age, as the hormonal rushes of the reproductive age begin to settle down. Statistics show that loss of interest to sex is more common in women then in men, and also show that loss of libido doesn't affect women emotionally as much as it does affect men.

Loss of libido makes men more unhappy than it does women. Only 23% of men with loss of libido say they still feel very happy about life in general vs. 46% of women. Of course, it is all a matter of life philosophy, how you view life, the meaning of life and how you appreciate it. The development of these lead to happiness and their underdevelopment leads to feelings of uselessness, ones one's basic biological functions begin to burn out.

Although sex is not mandatory for a good relationship it does add up nicely to it. And if you are a man and you are having slow erection, troubles to keep your erection and generally your libido feels low, you can try adjusting your diet to give your libido a boost and spice up your relationship.

Mind that some pharmaceutical drugs such as antidepressants or SSRIs can have an inhibitory effect on your libido. Avoid them and seek happiness in other ways, also there are many natural products that have mood boosting effects.

Supply yourself with supplements containing the whole spectrum of vitamins and minerals. Iron, Zinc and Manganese are especially beneficial for male sexual performance. Begin to exercise, to take on a sport, dancing, jogging, swimming.. anything! Physical activity always boosts libido and enhances your mood, no matter the age or sex. Why not take on a sport or exercise together with your partner? Cut on fat foods, and eat more fruits and vegetables.

There are some supplements shown in clinical trials to have effects on boosting libido and improving erectile dysfunction.

Remember, apart from the general decrease in libido with age, occurring due to the passing of the active reproductive age and hormonal activity decrease, people experience troubles with their libido also because of accumulation of unhealthy lifestyle.

Eating too much fatty foods and decrease in physical activity also contribute to loss of libido. It is statistically proven that men who are less physically fit also have less libido. The fat that accumulates around the waste area is especial indicator on this. So you need to loose some fat and begin some sort of sport or exercise on a regular basis, in order to boost your libido as well as health.

The successful relationship is about friendship. And good libido comes from a healthy body and a positive mind.


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    • eurozulu profile image

      bradley brown 4 years ago from Harrow Middlesex

      Nice read Inspiration88, lots of great advise and i agree exercising is a good idea.