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Border Line Personality Disorder- Life becoming a Game of Chance

Updated on May 7, 2012

What is BPD

BPD or Border Line Personality Disorder is a psychological disorder that affects about ten percent of the general population. The onset of the mental illness starts from childhood and if not treated can well follow into adult life.

A person affected with BPD posses low self esteem, prone to anxiety and depression, negative self talks, frequent mood swings, highly sensitive and alert to criticism or negative feedbacks.

Causes and Symptoms

A variety of factors affects or stimulate the onset of BPD ranging from past experiences, abusive treatments during childhood, hereditary or genetic traits.

Childhood Experiences

There is considerable evidence that distressing childhood experience can lead to BPD.These include but are not limited to physical and sexual abuse, separation from caregivers, emotional abuse, physical neglect and parent insensitivity.

It should be noted that BCD can occur even without these childhood experiences. At the same time, the disorder need not occur even after these experiences have been undergone by a person.

Genetic Causes

Particular studies have shown that a gene related to serotonin production ( a neurotransmitter) can trigger the onset of thedisorder. People having this specific gene variation are more likely to be affected by BCD.

These are the common symptoms associated with the disorder

  • A feeling of low self worth, emptiness and a negative outlook towards life in general.
  • Exhibits a form of Bipolar Disorder where the affected person goes through frequent mood swings ( Highly confident and happy to being completely depressed and over anxious in a short period of time )
  • Tendency to cause self harm, in response to frequent negative self talk. This can also be directed to others in the form of destructive behaviour such as anger outbursts, fights etc
  • Incapable of maintaining a healthy relationship with others. In sharp contrast, sometimes clinging to a broken or unhealthy association.
  • Frequent involvement in risky ventures without clear thought of the consequences or after effects.
  • Persistent belief in things which are not real or true (delusions) or seeing or hearing imaginary voices, sounds or visuals (hallucination).
  • Hostile approach towards criticism or negative feedbacks.Failures are considered as life threatening and irreversible.

Treatment Methods

BPD and its symptoms can be countered by the following methods

  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy: Focuses on certain thoughts and behaviour pattern to control the symptoms of the condition.
  • Family Therapy: Educating the family members of the patient, so prompt attention and support can be provided in case of suicidal tendency.
  • Antidepressant and Anti psychotic drugs can reduce the recurrence of the symptoms.
  • Getting enough sleep and going to bed at the same time every night
  • Regular exercise mostly including running, walking, cycling etc
  • Avoid intake of alcohol, cigarettes and illegal drugs all of which can elevate mood swings.
  • Maintaining a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables.


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