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Bounce for Health; Super Brain Yoga

Updated on March 19, 2010

Dr. Norman Shealy

One Minute Workout

I’ve recently learned about two extremely easy and effective workouts. One that strengthens the body and cardiovascular system the other stimulates the brain and increases performance levels in any age child or adult. First “Let’s Bounce!”

Norm Shealy, Father of Holistic Medicine, says today that "while the science of medicine is indispensable to the physician, it is the art of practicing medicine that heals the human body and soul." Norm Shealy is now a retired English physician but continues his lifelong pursuit of wellness and pain management for all.  He pioneered pain and stress management research in the 1970s developing effective treatments like Biogenics, The revolutionary self-regulation technique which helps one achieve physical, mental, and emotional well-being; Dorsal Column Stimulation, electrical nerve stimulation and the Five Sacred Rings; Energetic circuits which specificially optimize DHEA, Neurotensin, Beta-Endorphin, Aldosterone and markedly reduce Free Radicals.  This all sounds rather technical, and it is. But today’s topic is Quick Workouts, so we will concentrate on Mr. Shealy’s practice of bouncing, yes Bouncing! For one minute out of each hour, simply bounce, moving the hands back and forth and jumping slightly bending the knees. If we’d all do this throughout our workday we’d improve our health and productivity. It is SO simple. Just watch the video below and find out how easy it is, then go for it.

Bounce For Health

Super Brain Yoga

The next workout is for the brain, and it too is amazingly simple.  It uses some simple yoga techniques and stimulates meridian points to activate and improve our thinking and cognitive abilities. It is being used to help children with ADD, autism, Downs Syndrome and other learning disorders. It is used on adults to improve memory and motor skills. Super Brain Yoga takes minutes a day to practice and reaps so much benefit it should be a mandatory practice for every citizen in the country.  Who doesn’t want to be smarter? A doctor in Los Angeles, Dr. Eric Robins, discovered the technique through Grand Master Choa Kok Sui and has joined many other physical therapists, teachers, neurosurgeons and alternative healers in recommending the technique to all of his patients. Watch this short video to learn how you too can become smarter and more alert.

Improve your Memory


Now I have two more favorite workouts. I supplement my treadmill time, walks outside and jumping rope with these fabulous and simple, quick and convenient methods to improve body, brain and spirit!


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      4 years ago

      Your article gives the impression that Super brain Yoga is found by Master MCKS., which is untrue. Master MCKS has made a scientific research study on the already existing ancient practice in India, which is called '"thopukaranam".


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