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Brahmi hair oil benefits-Best oil for good memory and healthy hair

Updated on October 18, 2015

There are number of ayurvedic herbs in india.All have their benefits. They are used in curing all types of ailment. Among these herb Brahmi is one such herb ,if I will say that it is boon to human society, then it will not be wrong. In this hub I will tell you that what is brahmi , brahmi oil and its benefits.

What is brahmi

Brahmi english name is bacopa monnieri or water hyssop. It has presence in countries also like sri lanka, Nepal and America. In India it is cultivated in Uttar pradesh, Karnataka and in north eastern state like Sikkim, arunchal pradesh. Bacopa leaves are small ,soft and green in colour. It’s flower are white in colour. It grows very fast in high temperature.

Benefits of Brahmi hair oil

Brahmi Hair Oil-Every herb has its benefits So brahmi also has numerous benefits.Brahmi hair oil is boon for hair. Therefore it is used in shampoos, conditioners and hair oil. Its use is very simple.Everyday take little Brahmi oil on your palm and massage gently in your hair. Use this oil in dry hair for maximum benefit.

1. Prevents Dandruff-You will be embarrassed with dandruff in your hair.However Brahmi has magical power prevents dandruff if used regularly.

2. Makes Your Hair Strong- It stops hair fall and promotes growth of strong hair. If your hair is dry and itching is there then daily good hair massage will cure it.

3. It calms the mind and mental tiredness. It increases blood flow among brain cells and helps in smooth functioning of brain. It also improves concentration and recalling power.

4. If you have sleeping disorder, then before sleeping apply this oil in your hair and massage it nicely. Very easily you will be free from sleeping disorder.

Bramhi juice benefits

Brahmi juice has the same benefits. Brahmi juice is best brain tonic for improving memory power and concentration. It restores nerve cell and prevent it from damage.

Brahmi vati or capsule

Brahmi vati or capsules is very good for students and adults as it improves concentration. It helps better coordination among brain cells thus helps in remembering anything for long time. Regular intake brahmi capsule or vati cure insomania,epilepsy.

Brahmi side effect

Although there is no specific side effect of Brahmi,still Brahmi juice and capsule or vati should be taken in guidance of expert ayurvedic doctor.As it overdose causes vomiting,hair loss.

Brahmi oil youtube video

watch video of 6 Best Natural Oils for Healthy Hair and Scalp


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